Bono wrote his memoirs. The U2 leader’s book later this year

Although Bono’s career has already been described at length, “Surrender” will be the first book in which the singer tells his own story. The autobiography will cover the early years of the future U2 frontman growing up in the Irish capital, the loss of his mother at 14, as well as the band’s international success and activism. As announced, the memories of the artist will somehow develop the stories he has previously sketched in his works.

With a sense of humor and deep introspection, Bono settles accounts with the life, faith, family and friends who have supported, competed and shaped him.

The English version of “Surrender” hits bookstores later this fall, November 1, through Penguin Random House. The Polish publisher of the book, translated by Paweł Lipszyc, is Agora Publishing House, which premieres on November 9.

“A dazzling memory of an extraordinary life”

There will be 40 chapters in the book – each named after a U2 song. In addition, Bono enriched it with 40 original drawings of his paternity. The animation based on the singer’s work, which narrates one of the fragments of “Surrender”, appeared on the group’s social networks. “Out of Control” is about the creation of U2’s first single for the leader’s 18th birthday, 44 years ago to be exact.

The artist explained that he chose the title “Surrender” (it can be translated as “surrender”, “surrender”) because having grown up in Ireland in the 1970s, this act was not a natural concept for him.

However, I came back to her when I started to collect my thoughts for the book. The surrender order requires extreme humility. I struggle with it to this day. In the team, in my marriage, in my faith, in my social activities. Surrender is a story about a Pilgrim’s lack of progress…with a healthy dose of fun along the way

The book’s editor, Reagan Arthur, described it as “a heartfelt, intimate, profound and dazzling remembrance of an extraordinary life”. He added that the U2 frontman “not only has a dramatic story to tell”, but is also “a truly gifted writer”.

On September 25, 1976, 16-year-old Bono (born Paul David Hewson), David “The Edge” Evans, his brother Dik, and Adam Clayton responded to an advertisement on the school bulletin board announcing that they were looking for people interested in starting a group. The meeting took place at the home of Larry Mullen Junior. This resulted in the formation of the band Feedback, later renamed The Hype. After Dik Evans left the group, the final name was adopted – U2.

To date, the band has released 14 studio albums, and their 360° Tour, which ran from 2009 to 2011, remains the second highest-grossing tour of all time. To date, U2 have sold over 157 million albums and won 22 Grammy Awards, more than any other band.

Alongside his appearances in U2, Bono undertook important initiatives as an activist and social activist. In 2000, he led the Drop the Debt campaign. Then, in the fight against HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty, he co-founded the sister organizations ONE and (RED) ONE. ONE brings together millions of people who want to fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases. At ONE, Bono lobbied leaders and policy makers around the world to help implement programs like PEPFAR AIDS in the United States that have saved tens of millions of lives over the past 20 years. The (RED) program works with businesses to raise awareness about AIDS and collects donations to fight the disease. To date, more than $700 million has been generated for the Global Health Fund to fight and prevent AIDS in Africa. From 2020, ONE and (RED) are also fighting against COVID-19 and the negative effects of this disease on developing countries. In 2016, Bono co-founded The Rise Fund, a global fund investing in entrepreneurial ventures with positive social and climate impact, in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Goals.

For his music and activity, Bono has been honored with numerous awards, including: Liberty of the City of Dublin (with U2), Pablo Neruda Medal of Honor from Chile, Order of the Legion of Honor from the French Republic, title Honorary Nobility of Great Britain, Fulbright Association Prize for International Understanding and Man of the Year by TIME (along with Bill and Melinda Gates). Bono currently lives in Dublin with his wife Ali Hawson.

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