Eurovision 2022: Will Spotify predict a winner in Turin? Here are the winners

Ready for crazy sets, outrageous costumes and catchy pop ballads? Eurovision, the biggest event on the European music calendar, is near – and its popularity has never been higher. Are artificial intelligence and algorithms able to predict the winner? Eurovision 2022even before the vote takes place? There is a possibility!

According to data from Spotify, the number of Eurovision playlist streams increased by 594% during Eurovision 2021, and their total number of plays amounted to nearly 27 million minutes. Poland is represented in this year’s contest by well-known personalities from the program “The Voice of Poland” Kristian Ochmanwhose first single reached 3 million views on Spotify in 2021.

Spotify data accurately points to team victory Maneskin last year because their song ZITTI E BUONI was the most streamed Eurovision song between March 2021 and May 2021. According to data from Spotify, Italy might have a chance for another victory.

Song Brividi performed by Mahmood and BLANCO is currently the most streamed song of Eurovision 2022, being played five times more often than the second song on Swedish performer Cornelia Jakobs’s Hold Me Closer list. From the data, it seems that the third place was taken by a Dutch artist From Deipte with the song S10. In Poland, Brividi is the second most streamed song of Eurovision 2022.

Besides the popularity of the songs in the countries they represent, Brividi is the most played song of Eurovision 2022 in 28 of the 40 participating countries, or 70% of all countries. So far, this competition has been won twice in a row by only four other countries – Spain, Luxembourg, Israel and Ireland.

Poland at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be represented by the singer and composer Kristian Ochman on American-Polish roots. His song River is the most played Eurovision song in Poland.

The young artist owes his success and recognition to his victory at the 11th edition of The Voice of Poland in 2020. After the final, Ochman released his first single “Chiaroscuro“, whose music was produced by @atutowy. The song has so far gained more than 4 million views. On Spotify, his first album by the end of March 2022”Ochman“As of the end of March 2022, it has been played over 8.5 million times.

Already On May 12, Ochman will fight in the semifinals of the competition with the song “River”. Since February 20 this year, the number of listens to this song in Poland has increased by 137%. On the first day of rehearsals for Eurovision 2022, which took place on April 30, the song saw another 20% increase in streams from the previous day. He will fight for promotion with sixteen other artists, incl. from Finland, Israel, Cyprus, Romania, Belgium, Sweden and Australia.

track”Stephanie” team KALUSH also gaining fans in countries participating in Eurovision. After more than 6 million plays, the song is number 1 or number 2 in a quarter of the countries. The song is currently number 1 in Georgia and Moldova and number 2 in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland.

The most played songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in the world

  1. BLANCO, Mahmood – Brividi
  2. Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer
  3. S10 – From Diepte
  4. Chanel – Slo Mo
  5. Subwoofer – Give that wolf a banana

The most played songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Poland

  1. Ochman – River
  2. KALUSH – Stefania (Kalush Orchestra)
  3. BLANCO, Mahmood – Brividi
  4. LUM!X, PIA MARIA – Hello (feat. PIA MARIA)
  5. Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer

As part of Eurovision 2022, fans can also use extensive and varied playlists on Spotify, which listeners can adapt to their mood and the occasion. Playlists now available on Spotify include: Eurovision winners, Eurovision party and Eurovision balladscontaining songs from previous years, as well as special playlists organized by decades – Eurovision from the 20s, 10s, 00s, 90s, 80s. Spotify also featured songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s in the playlist Eurovision Gold, which celebrates the rich musical heritage of the competition.

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