Head of GDDKiA without security clearance? “Road plans in case of war drawn in pencil”

We got to the correspondence between the Homeland Security Agency and the General Directorate of National Roads and Highways. This shows that Tomasz Żuchowski, acting director of GDDKiA, does not have a security clearance allowing him to work with classified information. As a result, the institution responsible for road infrastructure cannot electronically send projects and strategic plans to other offices.

GDDKiA she asked ABW o conduct the accreditation process of the system, which is intended to handle classified information classified as “restricted” and “confidential”. Once the system has been accredited, the office can send documents or road plans covered by the security clauses to other institutions.

According to the ABW letter, he was unable to complete the accreditation process for the system because Tomasz Żuchowski, acting director of GDDKiA, did not have a security clearance to access the clause. of GDDKiA’s highest classified information. Security clearance is issued by the Homeland Security Agency or Military Counterintelligence Service a document that provides access to information classified as “confidential”, “secret” or “top secret”. To receive it, you must go through a thorough selection procedure.

– This is very expensive research. You have to answer uncomfortable questions about your private life. Many people do not want to give in to it, because compromising information, for example, about lovers or addictions, comes to the surface – explains a person who has undergone such a procedure.

photo: RadioZET.pl/Korespondencja between the Internal Security Agency and GDDKiA regarding the accreditation of the system intended for handling classified information

The correspondence we write about is dated March 2020. Our information, however, shows that to date, the acting director of GDDKiA, Tomasz Żuchowski, has not obtained a security clearance, which is equivalent to the absence of accreditation for the aforementioned system. We wanted to confirm this information with GDDKiA, but the institution did not answer a few questions about it. We only received the answer that “in view of the security of the handling of classified information”, the management could not answer the questions posed.

We wanted to find out from the Homeland Security Agency whether the agency had accredited the system for processing classified information in GDDKiA and whether Tomasz Żuchowski, acting as the director of this institution, had finally obtained a security clearance. We also asked if, in the absence of system accreditation, management could create and share classified documents as classified. As in the case of GDDKiA, we did not receive any answers to the questions. The Homeland Security Agency has only informed us that information on those authorized to access classified information and those whose release has been denied or whose security clearance has been revoked is only made available to institutions allowed.

With a ruler and a pencil. Lack of accreditation poses serious problems

In the end, the lack of accreditation of the system by the security services can cause many problems not only for the employees of GDDKiA, but also for other institutions.

– Due to the war in Ukraine, the Ministry of National Defense asked GDDKiA to send road plans to plan the movement of the army, especially heavy equipment, in the event of a possible aggression by Russia against Poland. Unfortunately, due to the system’s lack of accreditation by the Homeland Security Agency, these plans cannot be sent electronically or produced on memory devices, the informant reports.

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So what? According to our interlocutor, it is possible to create or copy these plans on paper and then send them to the recipient in a secure manner. However, this is a very laborious and slow option. – This frustrates managers, because they have to do it in an archaic way: redraw road plans in pencil. Instead of two weeks, they do it in two months – we hear.

The Ministry of National Defense had to accept such a solution and – according to our informant – the task is yet to be accomplished. We have asked the department to comment on this situation. We asked if it was true that they asked GDDKiA to send the plans by email and if the management offered to create the plans by hand and send them in a different form. The National Defense Ministry’s press office declined to answer questions, saying the requested data “constitutes classified information.”

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