Pharmacies on the podium – Payback Opinion Poll

Shampoos, toothpastes and shower gels are among the staples in every consumer’s basket. How often and in which stores do people buy cosmetics? Do we usually reach for proven products or are we open to new products? And finally – where do we look for information about cosmetics and what influences our buying decisions? These questions are answered by the Payback opinion poll.

This is where we buy most willingly
We usually buy cosmetics from pharmacies. Nearly 60% of respondents indicated them. Respondents choose them because of their competitive prices and promotions (26%), as well as a wide range of products (23%).

The second place on the cosmetics shopping map is taken by online stores, which are chosen by 20% of consumers. In this case, the popularity of online shopping is largely driven by convenience. 36% of respondents in this group appreciate the possibility of restocking vanities or bathroom drawers without getting up from the sofa, with home delivery.

The last step of the podium is occupied by supermarkets and hypermarkets or discount stores, indicated by one in ten respondents. Exactly half of this group of respondents buy cosmetics there for further purchases, and one in three people because of low prices and promotions. It should be noted that, like a year ago, this category of stores was more popular among men (15%) than among women (6%).

If, on the other hand, we take a closer look at the purchase of cleaning products (eg washing powders and liquids), then supermarkets and hypermarkets or discounters chosen by 62% of us undoubtedly win here . In pharmacies and on the Internet, so-called chemicals are purchased by 21% and 11% of respondents respectively.

Budget under control
How much do we spend on cosmetics per month? According to the Payback opinion poll, 35% of us spend between 51 and 100 PLN for this purpose. 28% estimate their expenditure between 101 and 200 PLN and 27% do not spend more than 50 PLN per month on these products.

We usually restock our cosmetics inventory once a month (35%). Almost 40% of respondents prepare a list of necessary products in advance. although it does not necessarily stick to it rigidly. 37% of consumers prefer spontaneous purchases. What do we buy most often? The most popular category is undoubtedly that of toiletries and body care products, indicated by 46% of respondents. Joint second place was occupied by cosmetics for washing and caring for the face and hair (36% each), and third – deodorants and perfumes (25%).

Cosmetic favorites
Do Poles like news? Not necessarily, because as 66% of respondents admit, they generally buy the same cosmetics in stores, and they choose a new product or a new brand from time to time. One in four respondents are loyal to their favourites, almost always buying the same one. It also turns out that men in this group are the most loyal consumers (28% of men versus 18% of women).

It is important to note that the quality of cosmetics is becoming more and more important for the Polish consumer. This element was noted by 42% of respondents, while price was noted by 40%. It should also be noted that 22% of respondents choose cosmetic products because of their composition, for example looking for natural or vegan proposals on store shelves. And these are not empty statements, because, as Payback Opinion Poll points out, 44% of us always or almost always read the label of a new cosmetic, 43% sometimes. 13% of respondents admitted never to.

Social media inspires
Although we generally get knowledge and cosmetic inspiration from family or friends (which was stated by 37% of respondents) or online forums (25%), the growing role of social media deserves special attention.

Almost one in four respondents look for cosmetic inspiration on social media. In this group, consumers definitely come out on top – this answer was given by twice as many women as men. This proves how popular an advertising medium has become in social networks, where in addition to displaying standard advertisements, more and more brands are entering into various forms of cooperation with influencers, thus increasing the range and extending the offer of their products. – explains Katarzyna Grzywaczewska, Marketing Director at Payback Polska.

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