Songs of Conquest – Review: Heroes Fan Population Grows

After many years of drought, Songs of Conquest is coming to the turn-based strategy RPG market. It is a game that perfectly recreates the atmosphere of the cult series Heroes in Poland, adding & aogon; c by itself so & zdot; e gar & sacute; ć new & sacute, those that diversify & aogon; & eogon;.

Fans of the second and third versions of & lstrok; ony “hiro łs” don’t have ą slightly when & zdot; for over two decades there has been no & lstrok; a & eogon; a worthy continuation – the next parts of the series, although & cacute; innovative in their own way, only worse, in my opinion.

In Songs of Conquest ju & zdot; from the first start I feel & cacute; this unusual atmosphere & lstrok; y, mainly due to & aogon; & sacute; good music. The menu awaits us & zdot; liwo & sacute; ć play single-player campaigns and scenarios & eogon; as well as battles in online mode. I found & lstrok; if & eogon; even a map editor! Run the game & aogon; c & eogon; “We feel & eogon; at home” – the game almost screams that it was & lstrok; a fact of my & sacute; l & aogon; about people who over 20 years ago donated & lstrok; y kidnapped & cacute; if & eogon; the astonishing magic of the Heroes.

In addition to the official campaigns, the developers allowed players to create their own adventures.

The core of the game if & eogon; will not change & lstrok;. We start with a castle – here called fortresses & aogon; – and a confidant, the local hero. We collect resources, expand the city and recruit troops, for the help of & aogon; which make & sacute; map cimy & eogon; neutral creatures, then other players. Fight only & aogon; if & eogon; in a turn-based system, on static boards. However, the changes are not lacking.

The & eogon; hero’s army. In most scenarios, we start with only three unit slots. To unlock & cacute; next, we need to expand & aogon; ć our hero, increasing & aogon; by its command parameter. The & eogon; here is a dilemma – what level we can because we can release & cacute; a single point, and instead of always ordering & eogon; pne s & aogon; two powerful abilities. So we have to choose & cacute; do we want to have a & cacute; more troops or solid bonuses.

Changes can also be found in the city expansion system. Each of them has an & eogon; Multiple expansion spaces of different sizes – small, medium and large. We can put a & cacute; other buildings – naturally the most valuable for tall people. To make & eogon; s & cacute; numbers & eogon; & eogon; the castle itself.

Fight as & aogon; those of the second and third installments of Heroes.

Not to be too simple, however, in each city we will find more buildings than we can find. we have fields available for expansion. You must therefore plan your & cacute; other investments to avoid blocking & cacute; you & sacute; you & help a valuable unit or improvements & nacute; – and rises & cacute; buildings on several castles or settlements.

The game features & eogon; pne s & aogon; four sides of the conflict. Arleton is a human kingdom where we have scholars and knights at our disposal, assisted by mythical creatures. Loth is a group of necromancers whose armies are powered by & aogon; cults & sacute; ci and beings undumar & lstrok; e. Baria is a fraction concentrated around & lstrok; firearms, and the last, Rana, are reptilian tribes in whose army you find & aogon; if & eogon; lizardmen and dragons.

Each faction has approximately & sacute; units, most of which & sacute; ć you can & eogon; it will further improve & cacute;, will get & aogon; c another variant. Each grouping has strengths and weaknesses – Arleon units put & aogon; on the defensive & aogon; gameplay & eogon;, & lstrok; y Barii, in turn & sacute; good advice & aogon; deal with the elimination of & aogon; enemies from a safe distance.

On the remarks & eogon; in Songs of Conquest and magic. We don’t have classic mana points here, but & lstrok; & aogon; and pi & eogon; ć essence. The ones we generate in battle – a bit & eogon; like a deck of cards – and use it to cast spells & eogon; ć. Interestingly, we don’t have the classic one spell per turn limit & eogon; – as long as we have essences we can throw & cacute; in enemies with fireballs or speeds up & cacute; branches & lstrok; y.

As we mentioned, likes & cacute; mo & zdot; na if & eogon; in single player and multiplayer – whether on the Internet or on a single computer. In simple mode, there are also two available for & sacute; ć vast countryside – their fabu & lstrok; a mo & zdot; e not captivating, but & sacute; great writing & aogon; if & eogon; as an introduction to & lstrok; & sacute; when & zdot; gradually unlock & aogon; no more mechanics or units.

What catches the attention of & eogon; – aside from the aforementioned brilliant soundtrack – it’s pixelart graphics. Definitely & sacute; ci & aogon; not everyone will like it, but you can see & cacute; here a perfectly executed & aogon; work & eogon; graphic designers. The areas look like & aogon; older installments of heroes and s & aogon; full of details, and the units, despite the technology used, are & aogon; & sacute; perfectly animated.

The built-in encyclopedia allows you to view & cacute; factions, buildings, heroes and units available in the game.

“Lest it get too colorful, however, the game is not without its downsides. Prime & aogon; there is, unfortunately, the work of art itself. Choć pi & eogon; na, can be & cacute; sometimes illegible. Very easy to miss & cacute; a smaller treasure or an interactive object – especially when & aogon; what went away & eogon; cameras and eogon;. The upside, however, is that the game requires little hardware and should run smoothly. even on older hardware.

The biggest problem, however, is the artificial intelligence, which is unfortunately common in this genre. Enemies move & aogon; if & eogon; on the map without & lstrok; throw & cacute; the most valuable units for a certain & aogon; & sacute; dead & cacute;. Interestingly, the enemy constantly cheats – he developed & eogon; those heroes and armies whose great & sacute; ć is impossible to achieve, it can also pass & sacute; ć through the area do not purge & aogon;c enemies – although & cacute; the latter could be & cacute; just b & lstrok; & eogon; ask.

Summarize & aogon; c, Songs of Conquest can & we will recommend & cacute; to all fans of the genre – especially those who fell in love with the drug & aogon; and the third & aogon; ods & lstrok; on & eogon; Hero. I count myself & eogon; to this group and after spending several hours with the game & aogon; my enthusiasm & lstrok; no precipitation & lstrok; – in & eogon; on the contrary, I cannot & eogon; if & eogon; wait until & cacute; quench & cacute; if & eogon; in this fantastic & sacred world;.

Platform: PC- First: May 10, 2022 – Language version: Poland (subtitles) – Type: turn-based strategy – Distribution: digital – Price: from 107.99 with & lstrok; – Producer: Lavapotion – Editor: Coffee Stains Editing

The Songs of Conquest review was prepared from a copy not provided by & eogon;’s publisher.

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