Television in Poland. What functions does it perform and what are our guidelines when choosing a receiver?

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According to a survey conducted for TP Vision, owner of the Philips TV & Sound brand by PanelWizard Direct, Poles love television. It’s a source of information and entertainment for them, but also… it makes them feel less alone. The pandemic has only slightly changed our TV watching habits. When buying a new TV, we mainly focus on its price, picture and sound quality and screen size.

97% of Polish households have a television and more than half of them have two or more. We use different types of entertainment through television. First, we watch traditional TV, streaming and VoD services (78.3% of respondents) and discover the world (75.9%). Despite the continuous development of the Internet and social media, more than 40% of For Poles, television remains the main source of information. More than 40 percent of parents with children up to 13 years old use the television for entertainment or to occupy their children. At the same time, more than 20 percent. of respondents admit to feeling less alone thanks to television. Today, televisions are also used as audio equipment – for listening to music (more than 8%).

– A contemporary TV is a home entertainment center. Thanks to the Internet connection, a wide range of applications and the availability of many streaming services, it offers many possibilities. Films, series, news and entertainment programs, sports, children’s programs – all this is readily available today, and modern technologies used in modern televisions – such as the Ambilight backlight system, self- learning or artificial intelligence used to optimize image quality in Philips brand televisions, guarantee a unique experience. When watching a movie, series or sporting events, as well as for users who use the TV to listen to music, sound quality is also important – comments Marcin Habzda, General Manager of TP Vision in Poland.

Television in the age of the pandemic

For half of Poles, the time spent watching TV during the lockdowns, compared to before the pandemic, has not changed much. On the other hand – 40 percent. of respondents say they have spent more time watching television, and 9 percent. – that less.

During the pandemic, we most often used streaming platforms (41.3% of respondents), followed by televisions for gaming (17.7%), listening to music and the radio (17.4%) or watching films on VoD (17.3%).

During the pandemic, a third of Polish viewers bought a new TV. The most frequently mentioned reasons for such a decision are the failure of the old device and the desire to have a newer and better model.

What do we follow when buying a TV?

Price, screen size and high resolution, sound quality and technical capabilities – these are the most important characteristics of TVs that Poles pay attention to when choosing a new device, these elements were indicated by more than 90% . respondents. Before deciding to buy a new TV, we most often look for information on comparison sites (55.2% of responses), read user reviews (53.4%), ask advice from sellers in stores and showrooms (43.5%), consult friends and family (38.7%). Environmental issues are also becoming more and more important – we are more inclined to choose more energy-efficient televisions, with a higher “green” energy label. Half of respondents are willing to pay more for a more environmentally friendly TV. For 70 percent it is important that recycled materials are used in the manufacture of the television.

The future of television

For more than 60 percent of respondents, the TV is an important part of the living room of the apartment. Moreover, more than half of Poles consider television and television to be an essential, if not indispensable, part of their lives. More than three quarters of Polish TV viewers expect that in five years they will still have a TV in their living room, and almost half – that it will be a larger receiver than today. More than a third expect that in five years television will be used exclusively for watching traditional television.

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