The first Polish social networking site for e-commerce is created is the first social platform specially designed for the e-commerce industry. Entrepreneurs will no longer have to divide their attention between topic groups on other social networks or visit internet industry forums.

Industry e-commerce he has to face many obstacles, pitfalls and challenges. SEM, SEO, social media, marketplace sales, logistics, payments – these are just the tip of the iceberg of topics that need to be handled by people in e-business. The e-commerce industry is growing year by year, and over the past few months, online commerce in Poland has grown by more than 20%. 12 thousand. new online stores, and we won’t have to wait long for the next ones.

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What beginner e-entrepreneurs, but also experienced managers pay attention to is the lack of access to systematic, practical and experience-based knowledge. Publicly accessible social networks and industry forums are inundating us with a wave of posts that distract and make it difficult to access valuable information. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between credible content and sponsored content.

Our mission is to create a place that will connect all current isolated discussion groups into one industry location. Our experts will be available to registered stores, provide comprehensive information and help you solve problems. We will do our best to make the center of Polish e-commerce discussions. Access to the community will be free.

– said Bartosz Ferenc, the founder of will be the first Polish Internet community to comprehensively meet the needs of online store owners and specialists in this sector. He will start his business June 22 this year a special conference Blitztradewhere sellers share their e-commerce experience.


We want to start with momentum, but also in a very substantial way, because that’s how our platform is meant to be. It should be interesting, but above all wise, competent and practical. Blitzcommerce is a conference for all online traders. Prominent Polish experts responsible for leading online stores will speak there. They will talk about their experiences, real problems and solutions tested on a living organism.

– assures Bartosz Ferenc

After the “Blitz” it’s time for daily life full of knowledge

We assure you that this is only the beginning, because no one knows everything, and we firmly believe in the strength of the community, rich in knowledge, exchanges of know-how and experiences. Therefore, after the conference, we invite you to At this address, we are creating a place where business owners and their employees will receive comprehensive assistance in planning, developing and scaling the business. The platform is aimed at experienced managers, experts and people starting their adventure with e-business.

– convinces Bartosz Ferenc

What can we expect when crossing the threshold of the portal? In this specific and industry-specific social network, beginners and leaders in the e-commerce industry will be able to exchange experiences or read articles from experts in fields such as SEM, SEO, social media, Allegro, Amazon and logistics, payments, scaling. We will learn the stories of successes and – often unavoidable – failures.

But above all, it will be possible to participate in free workshops led by the best specialists in Poland. In addition, on the platform you will be able to exchange ideas and find a mentor who will support the continuation of the activity with his experience and facilitate the development.

If you represent an online store, you are a specialist or you work in a company working for the e-commerce industry, our platform can become one of the first places you think of when you have doubts, are looking for a partner or just want to talk.

– added Bartosz Ferenc

The platform is meant to be Without advertisingso you can focus your attention on what’s most important, which is gaining or sharing knowledge. Participants in the dialogue will not be anonymous thanks to the moderation of the discussion by experienced experts.

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