The prizes will be awarded for the fourth time. We distinguish the leaders of the economy

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In previous editions, the winners of these awards include, among others, Rafał Brzoska and InPost, Olga Malinkiewicz and Perowskity or the company Booksy.

This year winners were selected in three categories:

The editors of have also decided to award a special prize.

Nominations for awards

It’s time for the fields – a marketplace that offers farmers’ organic products and allows them to reach new customers. The business operates in a unique way as it is crowdfunded, a its shareholders are, among other suppliers and food producers displayed on the platform. The company records increases of 140%. annually (2021 data).

biottes – a start-up creating, among other things technology that allows drugs to be transported through the skin – for example for painkillers or even cancer drugs. The project is financed by VC funds. In 2021, Biotts entered the Google for Startups program, opened an office in Boston to develop products surrounded by the best in the industry. In 2021, the company recorded positive results from preliminary research on its products.

uPatient – the leader of the so-called home tests in Poland and the first company in Europe to offer the supply of medical tests – incl. blood tests – at the client’s home and/or office. 2021 was a banner year for her, she performed around half a million blood tests during this period and saw a double increase in her incomeideally in line with the pandemic-related telemedicine growth trend.

Ramp – a company that provides technology that allows stores to easily manage cryptocurrency payments. Simply put: it’s a start-up that makes online payment with cryptocurrencies as easy as online shopping itself. In 2021, he received over $50 million. financing by global venture capital funds, which is a record for Series A rounds in the case of Polish start-ups. It has also earned it a place among the most popular Polish startups. Ramp is on the fast track to becoming a unicorn.

PayEye – a start-up that created the world’s first work ecosystem and implemented to pay with the eyes, using biometrics. The ecosystem includes: terminals, an electronic wallet for users and an algorithm that transforms the iris of the eye into a biometric pattern. The company started testing solutions in Wrocław in 2020, and in 2021 the number of PayEye pilot test installations increased to 150. In 2021, the start-up presented its latest payment terminal at the Dubai show.

Programming giants – Innovative EdTech dealing with the learning of programming in children and adolescents. Its mission is to develop the digital skills of young people and improve computer skills. Today, the programming giants operate in Poland in more than 60 branches and 70 franchises. In addition, two years ago they began a dynamic development abroad. Currently they operate through their own branches in Spain, Chile and Mexico as well as franchise facilities in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia, and from 2022 also in, among others, Germany, in Singapore and Australia.

Nanoseen X a start-up that has created groundbreaking water desalination and purification technology. Thanks to the use of special membranes, the Nanoseen device does not need any power or pressure – it uses gravity. The company presented a working prototype in 2020 and in 2021 it had already planned pilots in Singapore, the Philippines, the United States, Norway, Italy, Spain and Malta. According to its creators, it is currently the cheapest technology for purifying and desalinating seawater, and even dirty water, to the state of drinking water.

You have my friend – a support platform for Ukrainian citizens by Poles created by Maria Trybus, 19 years old. The platform has started a de facto social movement in which young people can support Ukrainians in high school and studying in Poland. Within days, it was backed by 24 companies from Oxford, Cambridge and Yale universities.

Foundation for Scientific Research and Development – a Polish research unit working on the 3D bionic pancreas, an innovative therapy for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. The bionic pancreas is a living organ, printed from an exclusive bio-ink in the 3D bio-printing technique, which itself produces insulin and glucagon. The results of preclinical studies confirmed the effectiveness of the developed therapy. Currently, the Foundation is looking for investors and strategic partners to conduct a clinical trial completed by the implementation of this solution in medical practice.

Polandin 2021, it launched the first “nano-scale” stand-alone stores in Poland. The stores operate in multiple formats, such as stand-alone container vending machines, traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, or stores within the store.

OLX – Otomoto Click – digital passport for used cars, based on blockchain technology. This is the first solution of its kind in the world, currently being tested in the Polish market and implemented globally by the OLX Group. It serves, among other things better verification of used cars and reduces the extent of fraud.

Bioelektra – is responsible for the mechanical-thermal treatment technology (MCP) of RotoSTERIL waste. It was designed to turn all waste into raw materials. The essence of the method is to sterilize the waste before sorting it, so that the waste is dry, safe and odorlessand sorting is efficient.

  • Władysław Grochowski, the Arche group – named to show how the development company can conduct socially responsible activities and, at the same time, maintain profitability;
  • Nicklas Lindberg, President of Echo Investments for revitalization and maintenance activities of historic buildings and their commercial use;
  • Dominika Kulczyk, Polenergy for the development of the company, which is currently the largest private energy group in Poland and a leader in the renewable energy industry, and which registered a record level on the stock exchange last year;
  • Michał Sołowow, Synthos for initiating the investment process in Poland’s first nuclear power plant;
  • Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, Maciej Adamkiewicz, owners of Adamed Pharma for the dynamic development and innovation of the company which is one of the pillars of Polish pharmaceutical safety.

This year the winners of the awards were selected by a jury consisting of presidents of the largest Polish companiesexperienced managers as well as representatives of the and Wirtualna Polska editorial offices.

A report from the event, interviews with the nominees and more information on the prizes are available on

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