The season is on and the UKW Botanic Garden is closed. When will it be open?

The UKW Botanic Garden is currently being revitalized. The inhabitants of Śródmieście – but not only – are eagerly awaiting its opening. The sign that the green area is closed “until further notice” worries those who like to rest among many plant species. However, the university informs that soon part of the garden will be made available to visitors.

The revitalization of the UKW Botanical Garden is one of the investments announced under the municipal revitalization program of the city of Bydgoszcz. A year ago – April 29, 2021 to be exact – an agreement was signed on the co-financing of the investment between the city of Bydgoszcz, the Kazimierz Wielki University and the marshal’s office. Later, a contractor was selected for the works, under which the UKW Botanic Garden will gain a new surface for footpaths, adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, as well as lighting and surveillance. In addition, a new jetty over the pond and an apiary fence are planned, along with a major modernization of the pond pavilion and storage facilities. – One of them will be educational and cultural equipment – adds Tomasz Zieliński, spokesperson for the university.

The university representative pointed out that the works on the premises of the UKW main campus are proceeding according to plan. Residents of Bydgoszcz, who gladly visited the garden, fear, however, that on the gate on the side of Niemcewicza Street there is a sign “UKW Botanical Garden closed until further notice”. – And just recently there was a note that the opening would be in May – a resident of Śródmieście complains. People who even came to the garden from distant Fordon are also concerned. – I was counting that with the start of the season the lovely UKW botanic garden would be open, and I arrived and saw that the gates were closed – tells us a resident of Fordon. However, she hopes that once the revitalization is complete, the garden will gain new comfy benches and even prettier plants.

Therefore, we asked Zieliński’s spokesperson whether the garden, so beloved by Bydgoszcz residents, would be at least partially open. – This is a very important question for me and for many inhabitants of Śródmieście. In difficult times, it is necessary for mental health. His nature helps to find a moment of peace in the hustle and bustle of the city – recourse of the resident of the center, asking our editorial staff to intervene. However, the UKW representative has good information.

At the moment, there are, among other things, work related to the installation of irrigation systems under the walkways, which now prevents the Garden from being available to visitors. We plan to open part of the UKW Botanic Garden to the public soon for the summer period, at the beginning of May and June. Only the entry of ul. Greater Poland insurgents – Zieliński assures us. Whatever work is done, UKW carries out educational activities in the garden where possible: after planned visits, organized groups of schools and kindergartens, under the direction and care of UKW employees , visit the parts of “Botanique” that are currently available .

– Work at the Botanical Garden is planned for next fall. The total investment value is PLN 2.93 million

– adds the spokesman of the university. It is also worth mentioning that at the entrance to the garden from the intersection of Niemcewicza and Powstańców Wielkopolskich streets last year the first parklet in Bydgoszcz was created – transformation of part of the street space that was previously used for parking or was excluded from traffic. The project for the transformation of a large intersection near Weyssenhoff Square was submitted in 2019 to the civic budget of Bydgoszcz by members of the social ombudsman for pedestrians and was to be implemented thanks to the votes of the inhabitants.

From now on, the Pedestrian Social Mediator points out that the new pedestrian square set up from the road is very popular with local residents. Residents sit on the benches, and the new lawns and trees add charm to the downtown buildings around Weyssenhoff Square, while helping to retain water and add some freshness.

The UKW Botanical Garden – history

The history of Bydgoszcz “Botanika” dates back to 1930, when a school botanical garden was opened in the area of ​​Powstańców Wielkopolskich and Niemcewicza streets. After the Second World War, in 1946 it became a municipal garden, and in 1951 it became part of the Institute for the Improvement and Acclimatization of Plants. In 1977, when the institute moved to a new location, the Bydgoszcz “Botanist” again became a public city park. In 1995, thanks to the efforts of the then provincial nature conservator Marek Wilcz, the park received the status of a natural monument “Arboretum”, and four years later it was transferred to Kazimierz Wielki University and serves the Department of Botany of the Institute. of biology and environmental protection. In the garden you can find up to 600 species of trees and shrubs and 700 species of herbaceous plants.

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