Time for the ladies! Because girls also play amputball

Boost football is a type of football played by players after a unilateral lower limb amputation. Poland has long had its male representation, now it’s the turn of the ladies.

Monika started to be more interested in football after Euro 2020. Łukasz Matusik, the coordinator of the women’s section of the European Football Championship amp, persuaded her to get involved in the Polish women’s football team amp. They took place last year in Krakow.

– He asked me if I wanted to try, and since I am a person who likes new things, I answered why not – says Monika Kukla. And so on. She soon started playing with the top league boys from Warta Poznań.

Football amp – all joy

This year, Monika Kukla attended the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing for the first time. His disciplines are parabiathlon and paranoid cross-country skiing. She started exercising regularly and professionally in 2016, although she was always a busy kid who had to be around her head.

On a daily basis, he studies management at the University of Physical Education in Krakow. His disability is due to a congenital defect – underdevelopment of the femur of the right leg. She aims to be able to get around without a crutch, and she says she hopes that happens sooner rather than later. – Sport gives me a lot of joy, so I decided to follow it – he concludes.

What were the first steps of the players on the way to the Polish national team? See the pictures

The first training camp for the U.S. women’s soccer team was held the first weekend in April. Eight women took part. The next meeting is scheduled for May.

– I am very positively surprised to see how well the girls who had contact with the ball for the first time behaved and how committed they were to training. At some point, other people came, who couldn’t believe that we were training together for the first time. We could work together so well in the first training camp, so we don’t even want to know what will happen in a few months – laughs Monika Kukla.

Amplified football is a type of football played by players after a unilateral amputation of the lower limb for skaters or the upper limb for goalkeepers. Poland has long had its male representation, now it’s the turn of the ladies.

Everything is important

Łukasz Matusik cannot name one of the most important things in training and women’s football.

– Everything is important here. It is very important that we have created a team with which we can fight for the title of world and European champion, that we can travel together, explore the world and assimilate amputees. Because, of course, the sporting aspect is very important, but in every sporting discipline there is also an important social aspect – he says.

– I felt that I was not alone and the problem of amputation is not just about me – said Justyna Bzdela after the first training sessions. Previously, she had no contact with football on crutches.

Łukasz Matusik is also happy that amplified football gives the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of people who play it. – It is the most beautiful, because happiness cannot be bought in a store, and the smile of these people is the best reward for our work – she adds.

Although, of course, it is not true that the women who came to the first training camp had no worries. On the contrary.

– They are often afraid of not having practiced any sport before. They are afraid of hurting themselves or not on the pitch – says Łukasz Matusiak.

You can still join the team

He points out that most of the girls in the first training camp had the ball near their feet for the first time, but points out that it is a big success that after the first training the same 8 girls still want to train .

– This means that it is not as scary as they imagined at first – says Łukasz Matusik. He points out that it is not only a sport with a capital “S”, but also a great rehabilitation.

– I know of a case when a young American football player gave up other forms of rehabilitation, because they turned out to be useless – he adds.

You can apply for the Polish national team in the women’s soccer amp team all the time. More information can be found on ampfutbol.pl or on Facebook.

Women’s football around the world is promoted by Fred Sollers. At the moment there are several women’s teams in the world, incl. in Haiti, Dominica, Liberia, Sierra Leone and India. And in Poland. In Poland, this sport is promoted by the disabled football association Amp Futbol.


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