Aid organization for refugees in the municipality of Pułtusk

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Since February 28 of this year. The Department for Crisis Management and Military Affairs registered Ukrainian citizens who came to Pułtusk after February 24 this year, that is, after the outbreak of war, which made it possible to collect data to assist and provide refugees with the necessary information. The register served as the basis for the preparation of daily reports submitted to the Pułtusk county office, the county police headquarters, the municipal social welfare center and the independent education department of the municipal office. At the same time, it was a source of data for the preparation and systematic transmission of the request for financial resources launched from the government reserve, and after the entry into force of the law – from the Assistance Fund .

Thanks to the precise determination of the data, the funds were transferred in the right amount and on time. This facilitated the initial organization of meals in the form of lunches for the refugees with the Public Primary School No. 3, keeping records of the living quarters intended to accommodate the refugees declared by the inhabitants of the city and the municipality of Pułtusk and placing people there in accordance with the suggestions of the owners, preparation of reserve accommodation points located in the building of the municipal swimming pool (20 people), business premises at ul. Piotr Skarga and the Przemiarowo village club (60 people). To this end, these places were equipped with cots, sleeping bags, blankets, gas stoves and refrigerators.

He also facilitated cooperation with the Voivode of Mazovia and hotel institutions (Dom Polonii, Hotel Baltazar, Hostel Pułtusk) in the field of accommodation, meals and effective assistance, including psychological assistance, to the refugee population, in particular the preparation of appropriate contracts, the settlement of stays, the exchange of information on the possibilities of receiving new people, medical assistance, the preparation and sending of the reports necessary for the settlement of grants awarded.

In the period from March 26 to April 22 of this year. The Department of Civil Affairs issued 744 PESEL numbers to refugees. At the same time, currently reported as staying in the municipality of Pułtusk, we accommodate 609 refugees. Every day, in the period from March 16 to 29 of this year. The Department of Civil Affairs served 50-60 citizens of Ukraine, and in the period from April 4 to April 13 – about 25 and from April 14 to the present – about 10. It was held at the INFORMATION POINT of the Cultural Heritage Center at Rynek 13, where full assistance was provided to refugees, including when filling out applications for the allocation of PESEL numbers.

There are currently 269 children in the municipality of Pułtusk, including 106 up to 6 years old, 163 from 7 to 14 years old, as well as 24 people (adolescents) over 15 years old. 118 pupils study in schools, 51 in kindergartens (including 13 in non-public kindergartens). 3 children are cared for in a crèche and a children’s club. 9 children were enrolled in distance education. 26 children are not covered by compulsory education. In order to learn the Polish language, 10 groups have been organized and each of them takes place for 6 hours per week.

328 claims for benefits were submitted to the Pułtusk municipal social assistance centre. Until April 22 of this year. The center considered 295 applications for a one-time benefit of PLN 300, supporting 603 people, paying the total amount of benefits in the amount of PLN 180,900.00. Complementary meals in institutions concerned 67 children, including: 56 primary schools – in the form of a hot meal, in kindergarten – 10 – in the form of full board, and in crèche – 1 child also in the form of full board.

The Family Allowance Section and the Maintenance Fund of the Municipal Social Welfare Center received a total of 136 applications for payment of family allowances for 219 children. Benefits were paid to 121 families in the amount of PLN 48,996.00 for 190 children. Two applications were submitted for the payment of a one-time childbirth allowance and benefits were paid to 2 persons in the amount of PLN 2,000.00. There were also 2 requests for parental allowance; benefits have been granted to 2 people and they are awaiting payment of funds. 2 people received free psychological assistance. 10 decisions of the Pułtusk District Court, III Family and Juvenile Division, regarding the appointment of a temporary guardian, were returned to the center. 9 temporary childminders for 12 children have been put in place.

Municipal Social Assistance Center in Pułtusk from February 25 this year. collects gifts for Ukrainian citizens, which are continuously given to people in need within the working hours of Center employees.

Place of issue of gifts from April 12 of this year. is located in the building of the Housing and Housing Cooperative in Pułtusk at Aleja Tysiąclecia 11. Previously it was located in the building of State Primary School No. 3. It was largely due to donations, including through to the extraordinary generosity of the partner city of Pułtusk – Ganderkesee from Germany, one-time purchases necessary for the food and chemical products of the refugees. In addition, basic necessities in the amount of PLN 1,033.73 were purchased with the funds obtained as part of the collection carried out by the Pułtusk Municipal and Communal Council of Voluntary Firefighters. In addition, material aid was obtained thanks to the collections carried out by the parish of St. Mateusz in Pułtusk within the framework of the action “Basket for refugees from Ukraine” and the parish of St. John Paul II in Pułtusk .

Under the contract concluded between the municipality of Pułtusk and the Zakład Opiekuńczo-Leczniczy in Pułtusk, a disabled citizen of Ukraine, requiring round-the-clock care, was placed in the above-mentioned facility. The cost of a full day stay at ZOL is PLN 130.00 and is covered by donor funds. In order to regularize the social and living situation of this person, an application was submitted to the Poviat Disability Assessment Team to determine the degree of disability. The case is coordinated by a social worker from the Centre.

Until April 20 of this year. 84 applications (including 70 for the first time) were submitted to the Municipal Office for a cash allowance for accommodation and catering of Ukrainian citizens residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland, in connection with hostilities carried out on the territory of Ukraine, covering 349 people. So far, 39 applications for a total amount of PLN 125,800.00 have been considered.

Since April 1 of this year. accommodation matters are handled by the county office.

The Department of Promotion, Culture and Sport deals with social communication in the broad sense. Develops and publishes information materials for refugees. The PULTUSK UKRAINIA subpage was created on the site. At the Cultural Heritage Center, an INFORMATION POINT has been established and provided for the full service of refugees. Since March 26 of this year. in this place, citizens of Ukraine received full support and information about the benefits they are entitled to (housing, meals, social assistance, job opportunities, 300+, 500+ benefits) and how to handle questions social and life (including the location of shops, service points, banks, institutions), as well as assistance in the preparation of files. As part of the start of the allocation of PESEL numbers, the order of admissions was established with an indication of the date and time of submission of the request for allocation of a PESEL number to the Directorate of Civic Affairs. The PESEL number was issued the same day the application was prepared, which was rare in other municipalities.

In the multifunctional hall, 3 stands were created, where Office employees and translators assisted in checking documents and preparing applications for issuing a PESEL number. In addition, at the same place there were information stands: the Pułtusk Municipal Social Welfare Center, the Pułtusk Poviat Labor Office, as well as the local branch of the Social Insurance Institution. Professional care and a children’s play area are also provided. The activity of the INFORMATION POINT was highly appreciated by many Ukrainian citizens who benefited from the assistance.

The Department of Promotion, Culture and Sports was also involved in the organization of two charity events for the benefit of Ukrainian citizens living in our municipality – the PUŁTUSK UKRAINIE concert, during which fundraising in materials and in cash (PLN 5,067.00 was collected) and the Easter Fair “Solidarnia with Ukraine” Fair, thanks to which the amount of PLN 5,596.50 was obtained. In addition to the financial effect, which is strictly tangible, the social effect proved to be extremely valuable, and in this case the objective was to integrate the local community, as well as to show solidarity with the refugees. Both events took place with a mutual emotional involvement in the organization and the very active participation of representatives of the Ukrainian community.

The Polish-Ukrainian friendship was eloquently illustrated by a concert, born from the heart, prepared by the community of the Public Primary School No. 1 in Pułtusk and the Song and Dance Ensemble “Polanie znad Dnieprru” from Kyiv . The performance was shown at school, incl. in front of the wife of the Polish Ambassador in kyiv, Bartosz Cichocki – Ms. Monika Kapa-Cichocka, Director of the Department of Cooperation with the Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland – Ms. Julia Altyńska-Grodecka and the President of the Union of Poles in Ukraine – Mr. Antoni Stefanowicz.

Significant financial assistance for refugees from Ukraine residing in the municipality of Pułtusk was declared by the representatives of the partner cities – the German Ganderkeese and the French Montmorency, following the organized video meetings of the leaders of the local community with the mayor of Pultusk. The account of the municipality of Pułtusk was credited with the total (in three installments), converted into Polish currency, of almost 30,000.00 PLN from the collection made from the inhabitants of Ganderkesse. Montmorency pledged EUR 4,000.00, ETI Polam donated PLN 10,000.00 to help refugees and Mr. Józef Łatyfowicz – PLN 12,000.00.

As part of the discount at the beginning of April this year. application for the conclusion of a contract for the organization of a 6-month internship for unemployed persons The Pułtusk City Hall asked Natalia Shevchenko, a Ukrainian citizen holding a Polish card, currently residing in Pułtusk, to to be referred for an internship. Due to the skills and experience possessed – incl. with photographic qualifications, works as a photo editor in various magazines (including VIVA!), newspapers, online publications and in the magazine for the Ukrainian diaspora in Chicago (»Час і Події«), Natalia Shevchenko began an internship at the Department of Promotion, Culture and Sports of the Office of Pułtusk.

The mayor expressed his sincere thanks to all the people who have been involved so far, and are still doing so, to help the Ukrainian citizens who stay in and come to our municipality.

Department of Promotion, Culture and Sport of the Municipal Office of Pułtusk

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