Duggar Court Docs Reveals How Many People Knew About Josh Duggar’s Sexual Abuse Before 2015

The Duggar family may have kept a big secret from the public before 2015. However, the sexual abuse in their home was no secret to their social circle. Apparently, Josh Duggar’s misbehavior was well known to members of their house church. According to recently unsealed court documents, Josh’s conduct and the actions of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in this situation led to a split in the family circle. So how many people knew what happened? Very.

Court documents revealed how quickly Duggar’s social circle learned of Josh Duggar’s existence

Josh Duggar molested four of his sisters and a family friend in 2003 and 2004. Initially, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar informed the Holt family of Josh’s actions. Jim and Bobye Holt were close friends with Jim Bob and Michelle. Their daughter, Kaeleigh Holt, was seeing Josh at the time. After the Holts informed their daughter of the situation, she ended her dating Josh and wrote details of the abuse in a letter.

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