Energy and Internet of Things (IoT) – strategic cooperation

Energy and Internet of Things (IoT) – strategic cooperation

Columbus Energy, Saule Technologies and Google Cloud Enter Strategic Collaboration on Energy and Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation

Columbus Energy and Saule Technologies have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Google Cloud for the development of new products using perovskite photovoltaic cells and solutions in the field of distributed energy and the Internet of Things. Google Cloud will also be a technology partner of both companies, providing them with cloud computing services.

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Rapidly Growing Global Internet of Things (IoT) Market Forecasted IoT – Internet of Things) already in 2025 it will be worth 1.1 trillion dollars. The idea of ​​IoT is to connect a network of various electronic devices, often very small and highly specialized, which generate and transfer information between them. These, however, require energy, which has so far limited their possible applications.

The revolutionary perovskite photovoltaic cells from Saule Technologies – the company that started producing them globally – are not only extremely light, thin and flexible, but also operate efficiently even in artificial light. These unique advantages make Saule Technologies cells an ideal power source for all types of IoT devices in virtually all conditions and locations, regardless of the presence of the power grid.

The inability to provide IoT solutions with independent power has been a major impediment to IoT expansion so far, but our perovskite cells solve this problemsays Artur Kupczunas, board member of Saule Technologies.Now many brilliant ideas, supported by innovative technologies from Google or our partners at Columbus, a very experienced and innovative company in the field of photovoltaics, will finally have a chance to be implemented.

The first product using this technology is already in production. These are electronic price tags (Perovskite Electronic Tag – PESL), powered by a perovskite cell, allowing for multiple price changes during the day, operating wirelessly and using the analytical and computing potential of Google’s cloud. One of the benefits of this previously unavailable technology is the ability to use sales tools efficiently while minimizing the problem of food waste due to exceeding the DLC.

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The possible applications of this independent energy source are potentially limitless. In the future, perovskite cells could be used, among other things, in to power sensors monitoring forests and other areas at risk of fire or to provide a greater range of drones delivering for example medicine and food to people in need, staying in hard-to-reach areas.

Columbus Energy, Saule Technologies and Google Cloud will also collaborate on distributed energy solutions.

Columbus Energy develops a proprietary and intelligent system for supervising and optimizing energy flows – PowerHouse. Our HEMS (Home Energy Management System) will be a smart management tool for all appliances and the energy generated at home. This is a special algorithm that learns the energy behavior in order to adjust the energy consumption to the needs of the household. Thanks to the cooperation with Google Cloud, we have the opportunity to accelerate the implementation of this tool and improve its functionalitysays Dawid Zieliński, Chairman of the Board of Columbus Energy SA

We are very happy to be able to cooperate with Saule Technologies and Columbus Energy – Polish innovation leaders in the field of new energy sources – and to support them in creating products that can revolutionize many areas of the economy and of life, also thanks to the use of tools offered by cloud computing. Green energy transformation using digital technologies is also one of our top priorities at Google. We’re not just committed to moving to zero-emission energy by 2030 – we’re creating solutions to help others achieve similar goals.says Magdalena Dziewguć, Country Manager for Google Cloud in Poland.

The companies assume that their cooperation will accelerate the Polish and potentially global energy and digital transformation, to the benefit of everyone, but above all of the communities most affected by digital exclusion or problems with the supply of green energy sources.

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