He hit and kicked his wife, threw things at her. “It’s the secret of many houses…” – PetroNews

Usually, abusers in the family justify their behavior by drinking alcohol. This time the man was sober when he beat his wife. He was arrested in custody.

This incident happened last week, but the August police informed about it on May 10. The KPP officer on duty in Sierpc received notification of a domestic dispute in the city.

– Police officers from the patrol-intervention unit were dispatched to the scene. The uniforms established that the husband had started an argument with his wife. The 42-year-old woman was aggressive, insulted her, threw various objects at her, beat and kicked a woman who had visible bruises, reports the young asp. Katarzyna Krukowska.

The police decided to isolate the attacker from his family and keep him in a police cell. In accordance with the regulations in force, the police ordered the 42-year-old resident of Sierpc to immediately leave the premises occupied in common and prohibited him from approaching the apartment and its surroundings.

– Blows, screams, quarrels, physical and mental abuse – this is the secret of many Polish families – confesses the young asp. Katarzyna Krukowska. – The crime of the “four walls” affects various families, both the poor, the pathological, in which alcohol is the order of the day, and the rich, the so-called “Good houses” to which no one is concerned. would wait. The victims of these crimes cannot find themselves in such a situation, they do not know what to do, who to turn to for help. They hope that what happened to them is just an incident that will never happen again. Fear and anxiety mix with shame, with dreams of a bright future for a family where only “something disturbing has happened” – explains the policewoman.

Unfortunately, statistics confirm that many victims who report a crime of domestic violence withdraw from testifying after a few days. He does not want to participate in subsequent activities or sue the perpetrators, explaining it as “love for a partner”, “faith in improving the situation” or “lack of faith that it is possible to live differently – better”. The sad truth is that they usually report the crime again after a while, ask for prosecution again and… get away with it again.

The police are generally the first to visit the families where a domestic intervention is undertaken. Often, interventions are related to simple disagreements between family members, but often also involve the use of violence by one of the family members.

– The first thing we can do in the event of domestic violence is to draw up a Carte Bleue form and start the whole procedure in order to help the victims of violence. The police would not be able to carry out this procedure on their own, which is why it is so important to involve all institutions and organizations in order to approach the problem in a comprehensive way and provide assistance to the families. And this is what the implementation of the Carte Bleue procedure gives us – explains the young asp. Katarzyna Krukowska.

Another form of assistance used by the police consists of ad hoc measures to ensure the safety of victims of domestic violence. It is about arresting an aggressive perpetrator of violence in a police station for prisoners, whose behavior threatens his own life or that of the whole family.

As the Sierpc police explain, the blue card procedure is carried out mainly by district officials. They are the ones who systematically visit the families where violence is used. Then they provide support for victims of domestic violence and show the possibilities of obtaining comprehensive help. During these visits, the police also inform the victims of violence of the possibilities of reporting the crime.

– District members maintain constant contact with the family in order to be able to ensure, at least to some extent, the safety of household members. It should also be remembered that the implementation of the Carte Bleue procedure is done in two ways and includes both actions against the victim of violence and against the perpetrator himself. Therefore, during systematic visits, members of the district talk to the perpetrator, presenting him with the legal consequences of using violence – informs the young asp. Katarzyna Krukowska.

The police also pass on the information collected to institutions required to provide support and assistance to families who are victims of violence. These are, first of all, the social welfare institutions, the municipal commission for the resolution of alcohol-related problems or the family court.

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