Karolina Derpieńska explains the question of the property of the former partner. “He didn’t even support the millionaire. He stole my iPhone WITHOUT MY CONSENT”

Until recently, hardly anyone in Poland had heard of Karolina Derpieńska. Everything changed, however, when a few days ago an influencer from Białystok decided to tell a story on the nightmare of his relationship with his companion of 60 years. A Pole, residing in Miami, confessed to being a man for two years he mentally abused her and cheated on her many times. In the end, Derpienska decided that a successful life with her partner wasn’t worth enduring the lies and humiliation, so she ended their relationship.

Karolina Derpieńska’s Instagram statement was widely picked up in Polish media and did not escape the attention of Polish celebrities. For example, another Miami resident brought up the influencer drama, Aneta Glam – who not only asked her to follow her heart and not the contents of her wallet, but also… called her an idiot. She also commented on the question Maffashion. The celeb decided Derpienska’s stories should be a warning to all girls “seduced by the lure of a life sponsored by the rich guys.” In response, the influencer assured Maff that during the relationship with the former partner she was financially independent and even shared day-to-day expenses with him – like basic groceries.

On Thursday, Derpieńska again decided to comment on the 60-year-old ex. This time the celebrity wanted to explain herself once and for all questions related to the property of a former lover. A Florida-based influencer pointed out that no one should call a man a “millionaire”, because his ex-partner was far from reaching such a status. As she revealed, the luxurious life the man bragged about on social media was nothing but the result of deeds and cooperation. In reality Sometimes a 60-year-old couldn’t even get enough to eat…

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Please don’t make him a millionaire in the media because the millionaire circle didn’t even stand! All the photos have been realized and collaborations. Often he didn’t even need to eat. He was bragging about his friends’ cars/hotels! Sam has nothing – she says.

However, this is not the end of the revelation. In the post on InstaStories, Derpieńska also complained to the observers, that an ex-partner… stole his phone and “without his consent” as well. The desperate influencer appealed to Instagram fans for help finding the lost device and suggested it wasn’t the first time the 60-year-old had done something similar.

Now he stole my old iPhone without my permission. Help me, what can I do to locate it and get it away from the thief! So rich, and he steals what he can! I request an immediate return of my phone with data and photos – we read on InstaStories Derpieńska.

Do you think we’re going to wait for the 60-year-old defendant to speak?

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