Navitel R450 NV review. The most important feature? low cost supercapacitor

In November last year, Navitel launched its new R450 NV video recorder, the most important feature of which is to get rid of the battery in favor of a supercapacitor. This has its advantages and disadvantages, which in the case of the PLN 299 model seem to be interestingly balanced on the border between profitability and the desire to buy equipment for years.

Box and accessories included

Navitel R450 NV belongs to the series of video recorders of this manufacturer, which began to pamper us with its equipment. In addition to the key elements for the operation of the equipment (350 cm power cord, suction cups for the windshield), we also receive a cloth for wiping the screen and the lens, a USB memory card reader , a user manual and a gift in the form of an additional manufacturer’s navigation license for the full 12 months.

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Installation is simple – just run the cable around the cabin, place the suction cup in the least invasive spot on the glass and “plug in” a video recorder the size of 75 x 44 x 35mm . The initial setup only requires inserting your own microSD memory card with a capacity of 8 to 128 GB (class 3 or higher), formatting it and adjusting the most important parameters.

Navitel R450 NV design, materials and manufacturing

The VCR market is evolving and Navitel, despite its tradition, is also participating in this movement. One of the newer models, the R450 NV, is a great example of this, because while it’s still about tradition, its overall design suggests something ‘new’. There were also designer accessories (look at the glossy black band on the front and the sophisticated rounding of the display) and the layout of the individual elements quite unusual for Navitel.

We therefore find on the front a 2.35-inch IPS screen with sufficient resolution for such a diagonal of 480 x 320 pixels, accompanied by a set of four physical buttons (menu, on/off, up, down). On the left edge there is a hidden reset button and a memory card slot, and the serial number on the right, which means that the most stuffed at the top due to the ubiquitous ventilation holes at the bottom, and indeed the upper part has a miniUSB power port, a locking mechanism with think of a suction cup and a port to connect to the Navitel R450 NV an additional rear camera (available for purchase separately).

The R450 NV menu, specs and recording quality

Among these elements there is a microphone and a speaker, but the most interesting is inside the R450 NV and comes down to a supercapacitor. This provides constant access to properly stabilized electricity for the GP6248 processor or the GC2053 (Night Vision) matrix under the lens with 4 layers of glass with a 130 degree field of view, which saves recordings in AVI format and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 at 30 FPS, and photos in .jpg and 2 Mpx resolution.

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A supercapacitor is used here to replace a battery often accused of low endurance and increased risk of failure. Accordingly, the Navitel R450 NV has no parking mode available without, for example, the optional and separately available power supply from the manufacturer, but otherwise it works the same as any other video recorder with battery . It comes on when the engine is started, only deactivates a few seconds later, allowing the system to record a “peaceful” recording

The Navitel menu itself, available in Polish, has the most important and basic settings, among which perhaps the most important boils down to the duration of the recordings (1/3/5 min) in the loop and to automatic overwrite. Of course, only the unprotected recordings, because those protected (manually or automatically thanks to a shock sensor) require manual deletion. There was also the option to mute/unmute the microphone, change the sensitivity of the G-Sensor, or view previously taken photos or recordings from the video recorder, although Navitel also offers the DVR Player app which facilitates this process from a personal computer.

This is how the R450 NV “records”:

Navitel R450 NV review – summary

Currently, the Navitel R450 NV is available for purchase for 239 PLN and it is a very attractive price considering that it has gone from the 300 PLN that the manufacturer wanted on the day of the premiere. For this amount, on the one hand, we get a video recorder (apparently) for years due to the presence of a supercapacitor, which plays a key role in this video recorder in accordance with the most important characteristics.

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In addition, the R450 NV offers the appropriate recording quality, for the price range of 200-300 PLN, but at the same time an interesting style and the possibility of expanding the set with a rear view camera. In short, when buying this model, it is both difficult to be disappointed and to melt with pleasure, and you have to keep that in mind. At the same time, it is difficult to indiscriminately pass by, in particular, due to the presence of a supercapacitor, which replaces a more backup battery, which in extreme cases can even lead to a fire.

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