Paweł Mucha: Poland publicizes and talks about all war crimes in Ukraine – Jedynka

Paweł Mucha notes that “when it comes to the issues of war crimes, crimes against humanity, the war in Ukraine and Russian aggression, the Polish position is very clear and publicly expressed everywhere”. – Here we have the extraordinary activity of President Andrzej Duda in the international forum and in direct contact with the Ukrainians – comments the guest of Jedynka.

– The President’s statements, including those made in kyiv and at the crime scene, are very clear. The president said the perpetrators of these crimes must be brought to justice, he said.

Paweł Mucha draws attention to the way the Russians conducted hostilities. – Attacking civilian targets and killing civilians are acts that must be repressed and justified – he adds.

– Poland publicizes and talks about all war crimes and crimes against humanity that take place in Ukraine. As for our allied activities, they also take place within NATO and the European Union. The role of Poland is crucial in the development of a common position, which will later be the position of NATO or the EU. There is no doubt that no other European country receives such enormous support, also in this area, as Poland for Ukraine – we hear.

Paweł Mucha adds that our assistance to Ukraine includes, among other things, the direct admission of refugees, as well as political and military support.

Permanent Allied bases in Poland

80 percent Poles believe that permanent NATO allied bases should be established in Poland. How does President Andrzej Duda seek to create them?

– Through constant contact with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and other leaders. Today, Poland participates in these most important formats at the invitation of US President Joe Biden (…). Preparations are underway for the NATO summit in Madrid. We are in constant contact with all NATO partners, and the President raises these topics in discussions with the British Prime Minister, the French President, the American President and the German President – explains Paweł Mucha.

Can we expect such a decision at the Madrid summit? – This is a question that will be resolved and analyzed – answers Paweł Mucha.

– There is no doubt that we are talking about a new NATO policy towards the war in Ukraine and other threats. NATO is changing and part of this discussion is also a change in this model, not in terms of rotation, but in the permanent presence of troops on the eastern flank – he adds.


Recommendations to Russians not to provoke

Paweł Mucha raised the topic of the incident related to Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreyev, which happened in Warsaw. – The Polish side had previously made very clear recommendations not to provoke and not carry out activities such as those undertaken by the Russian side. There were direct warnings that such ceremonies would not take place, as well as warnings about the impossibility of ensuring such a conduct of the ceremony that the Russians would expect, explains Paweł Mucha.

– These emotions are absolutely justified, and please note that we have just talked about the crimes in Ukraine. In Poland there is freedom to demonstrate and express opinions, and it is known that not only Polish citizens, but also our guests from Ukraine, express these opinions. As for the incident itself and the violation of bodily inviolability, the official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that the violation of bodily inviolability should not take place – admits the guest of Jedynka.

20:46 PR1_SD_2022_05_12-08-15-00_for_media.mp3 – There is no doubt that no other European country receives such huge support as Poland for Ukraine. Poland’s role is crucial in developing a common position, which will later become the position of NATO or the EU – says Paweł Mucha, Social Adviser to the President of the Republic of Poland (Jedynka / Sygnały dnia)

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Program title: Signals of the day

He led: Krzysztof Świątek

Guest: Paweł Mucha (social adviser to the President of the Republic of Poland)

Date of issue: 12.05.2022

Broadcast time: 8.15


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