PGNiG takes over a company from the prosumer market

PGNiG will take over Solgen, a company operating in the market of photovoltaic installations and rooftop heat pumps, whose president is Bogdan Szymański at the same time acting as President of the Association of Photovoltaic Industry Polska PV.

PGNiG SA has signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent. of shares of the company Solgen sp.z oo having its registered office in Krakow. The Group emphasizes that the acquisition of a specialized and experienced entity operating in the photovoltaic services market is in line with its concept of developing the field of renewable energies.

Solgen has been on the market since 2015 and has so far carried out photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of almost 27 MW (about 1,100 installations have only been carried out in 2021), and for more than two years , the company headed by Bogdan Szymański is also developing the sale of heat pumps. In 20182021 Solgen has multiplied by nearly 10 its revenues.

– The entry of Solgen into the PGNiG group will allow the company to develop even more rapidly to become a key player on the market in the field of renewable, prosumer and commercial energies. The strength of Solgen lies in the high skills of the engineering team, the core of which is made up of graduates from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and the University of Technology in Lodz. This allows you to design and implement ambitious tasks related to renewable energy sources. Sector collaboration is equally important. Solgen is a supporting member of leading industry organizations, such as the Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technology or the Photovoltaic Industry Association Polska PV – comments Bogdan Szymański, President of Solgen.

Sales, sales and marketing support

The objective of the transaction, indicated by PGNiG, is to develop the green energy market through sales and assembly services of photovoltaic installations and related products – mainly heat pumps, but also storage. of energy.

– Have an experienced company in the renewable energy sector in the portfolio of the capital group, which can offer high-quality photovoltaic installations and heat pumps cooperating with them, and potentially other energy-related services, such as energy storage, is particularly beneficial for retail customers. The compatibility of heat sources and electricity guarantees the efficiency of domestic and professional installations and reduces energy costs – provides PGNiG.

By taking over the business from the prosumer market, PGNiG wants to scale the results of the new energy segments through the synergy of Solgen’s cooperation with other companies of the PGNiG group both in the business areas and in the sales area. and marketing, including building a new product offering and accessing funds for further development.

– Investments in the field of renewable energies are one of the priorities of the PGNiG group and of the multi-energy company resulting from the merger of PGNiG with PKN ORLEN and Grupa Lotos. Sustainable development plays an important role in the construction of the company and the implementation of the strategy of diversifying energy sources. This strategy is not only a response to the challenges posed, among other things, by climate change, but above all, it is a guarantee of the country’s energy security. – informs Iwona Waksmundzka-Olejniczak, Chairman of the Management Board of PGNiG SA.

Heat pumps – a technology of the future

Arkadiusz Sekściński, Vice Chairman of the Board for Development of PGNiG, commenting on the acquisition of Solgen, highlights the good prospects for the heat pump market, in particular thanks to the launch of the My Warmth subsidy program.

– In addition to the photovoltaic segment, the heat pump market looks very promising, among others within the framework of the subsidy system of the Moje Ciepło program launched on April 29 by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Management some water. In our opinion, it will contribute to the development of this market, just as the My Electricity program has contributed to the development of prosumer solar parks in Poland. – comments Arkadiusz Sekściński

– We are convinced that enriching the commercial offer of PGNiG with complementary solutions, such as photovoltaic installations for companies and individuals as well as heat pumps and other energy-related solutions, will be of great interest for many customers. With 135 customer service offices and a portfolio of over seven million customers, we can make a significant contribution to the development of clean energy in Poland. – adds Sekściński.

PGNiG did not disclose the value of the Solgen acquisition.

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