RES. Two more years to start supplying electricity to the grid?

On Thursday, the parliamentary committee for the protection of the environment, natural resources and forests supported some of the amendments proposed during the second reading of the bill amending the law – law on environmental protection, concerning, among others, to the question of protection against noise.

The committee approved the PiS amendment, which provides for the extension of the deadline for introducing energy from RES into the electricity grid from June 30, 2022 to July 16, 2024.
As explained by MP Anna Paluch (PiS), justifying the adoption of an amendment not directly related to the Environmental Protection Act, pursuant to art. 184 of the RES Law, certain categories of renewable energy producers must start introducing this energy into the electricity grid by June 30, 2022, so that their grid connection contracts are not terminated.

She pointed out that due to two years of the Covid epidemic and now the war in Ukraine, investors are delaying the implementation of these investments. “These delays, which are not caused by investors, may lead to the termination of connection agreements by energy companies, despite the very advanced stage of implementation of these investments” – she indicated.

As she pointed out, the purpose of this amendment is to give all these renewable energy producers, including local authorities, additional time to connect to the network. “The greater the effort Poland makes to become independent from external energy sources, the more each RES installation will work for the benefit of our energy system. Moreover, this is beneficial for the entities participating in these projects” – added Paluch.

On the other hand, the Commission rejected the amendment of the left, so that the Minister for the Climate has the obligation, and not only the possibility, to prepare an appropriate regulation on the siting of new industrial installations.

The new regulations adapt the Polish regulations to the directives of the European Union concerning the establishment of updated methods of noise assessment and methods of assessment of the harmful effects of noise on the environment. It will, among other things o obligation to use up-to-date noise assessment methods, taking into account the latest knowledge in this field, which should have a positive effect on human health.

According to the draft, entities that prepare strategic noise maps (i.e. managers of main roads, railways and airports, as well as presidents of cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants) will have to use updated noise assessment methods specified in EU regulations.

The project assumes that environmental protection authorities (i.e. voivodship marshals) and entities drawing up strategic noise maps will be equipped with a tool allowing a uniform assessment of the harmful effects of road noise , rail and air.

The Marshal of the Voivodeship may also impose on managers of roads other than motorways and expressways, which are located in towns with poviat rights, the obligation to prepare and submit to the Marshal of the Voivodeship an environmental study. The ecological examination provides information on the real impact of an installation on the environment and, in the event of non-compliance of the installation with the regulations on environmental protection, proposes corrective measures.

The draft amendment will also allow the regulation to regulate the method for determining the safety distance in the event of the establishment of new factories presenting a risk of a serious industrial accident. Such regulations must define, for example, the types of major industrial accidents and the limit parameters for the impact of the potential effects of such accidents.


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