Samsung Galaxy A53 5G – our first impressions

Class C smartphone (“Mercedes” scale A, B, C, E, S)

Rating scale 1-6 (6-targeting)

We start

Recently, we point out in almost all tests that it was already cheaper. Samsung A33 5G costs more than 1500 PLN, “old” A52s 5G 1400 PLN, and our test 53 of the so-called mid-range, now in the promotion of 1800 PLN and this is its promotional price, since the regular price is 300 PLN higher. Free headphones are a bonus with purchase Galaxy Buds2. This promotion will be valid until the end of May. It should be noted that this year A53 is almost a clone of the model A52s 5G of last year, and its serious rival will continue to be strong Galaxy S20 FE (at the same price). A53 5G it won’t be easy on the market, but it will certainly be a hit in business smartphone fleets – more and more companies are trying to avoid Chinese products due to rumors that these are lesser devices secured. When you are not afraid of the Chinese, you can get a smartphone with the fastest Snapdragon 888 processor for a small fee (realme GT 5G) at the price of 2299 PLN.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy A53

Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A53:

  • Always original and distinctive design
  • Bonuses in the purchase promotion – Galaxy Buds2
  • 120Hz FHD+ sAMOLED display
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Youtube Premium free for 2 months
  • Android 12
  • Very up-to-date software – May 5
  • Latest One UI 4.1
  • Very neat and fast software
  • 5G
  • 5 nm technology processor
  • Very good photo quality
  • FULL HD video with very strong stabilization
  • Very good selfie quality
  • Dolby Atomos stereo speakers
  • Samsung Knox support
  • In-screen fingerprint reader
  • Link to Windows Support
  • Optimal weight and size
  • IP67 standard
  • Very good photo quality day and night (no artificial brightening “to the max”)

Cons of Samsung Galaxy A53:

  • Design unchanged from A52
  • Bad selling kit – only USB C cable
  • Slow charge 25W
  • High price
  • 4K video without stabilization
  • Screen is hard to read in direct sunlight
  • There is no Windows Link equivalent for Mac
  • Front camera without autofocus
  • No Wi-Fi 6
  • Plastic case and frames
  • No headphone jack – that was in the A52
  • No inductive load

How do we evaluate the design? – Rating 5+

Design A53 5G it is identical to last year’s model A52S. The only change is the lack of a headphone jack. The phone looks great – especially the pastel back with the slightly domed camera island out of the back cover. A53 it is made of plastic (also the side frames). The front is protected by Gorilla Glass version 5. The housing is water and dust resistant according to IP67 standard. The stereo speakers don’t have the same power and the one on the right plays a bit louder, but the overall sound quality is very good. The bezels around the screen are nearly symmetrical.

What do you think of the display? – 5

Samsung’s Super AMOLED has 120Hz refresh this time. Can be lowered to 60Hz – A53 does not support dynamic refresh customization. The screen, as usual from Samsung, impresses with colors and contrast, although in very strong holiday light taking a picture is not so easy – it might be worth increasing its slightly brightness in the so-called peaku, because now the maximum brightness is 800 nits. The use of the 120Hz refresh rate is noticeable, but it’s not as legendary as the flagship iPhones and OnePlus. There are accusations on the Internet that the performances A53 it is a bit too small and this results in a lack of a smooth interface.

Specifications, performance and operating system – Note 6

Samsung probably had no choice (supply issues plus margin battle) and therefore decided to switch processors for its own. In A52S we have a successful Snapdragon 778G 5G, and the new AT 53 Exynos 1280 works, manufactured in the very modern 5 nm technology. The Samsung processor is not too efficient – in AnTuTu it scored only 355,000 points – that’s not a lot for a solid middle shelf.

The phone runs well, demanding games run well, but it seems to be missing the last bit of software optimization. For example, starting the camera takes a fraction of a second too long and it feels like everything should work like a dream on such an expensive phone. More One UI 4.1 optimizations will likely appear in a moment. Samsung deserves applause for the overlay and the system, because we have the latest Android and the latest interface at our disposal. In the case of competitor phones there are few issues with this – recently tested by us Xiaomi still works on Android 11.

What kind of photos does it take and what movies does it record? – Ranking 4+

A53 takes part in a dumb race for the number of cameras on a smartphone. On the back we have 4 lenses and of course there is another selfie camera on the front. The cameras configuration is exactly the same as the previous year in the model A52S. The matrices are the same, the lenses have the same brightness, etc. Of course, the most interesting camera is the main one with a 64MP matrix. According to the manufacturer, it has optical image stabilization, which is supported by EIS. It’s surprising, however, that OIS probably doesn’t work at all when recording 4K material. Full stabilization (OIS and EIS) only works fully in FULL HD. The camera itself takes very nice detailed pictures with great colors. At night (in night mode) it does not bend with brightening. The macro camera works well, although it’s more of a curiosity that we won’t use too often. Photos from a wide angle are of much lower quality than those from the main one, so it is not recommended to use it too often. In a mid-range dream phone, there should be 2 lenses on the back – a basic and a telephoto lens with a good light matrix which could be used to capture architectural details on walks and for portraits at more long distance.

Sample Images:

Example video:

How long does the battery last? – grade 4

The Chinese in their mediums generally offer charging with a power exceeding 60W, and it happens that the chargers (supplied with the phone) charge our smartphone with a power of 120W. It is very useful when we have a moment to connect the phone to the charger. At Samsung, when we connected a powerful charger OnePlusfrom 20% to 100%, charging should take almost 2 hours. Samsung and its smartphone power design department should get to work. Fortunately A53 manages energy well and its battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh (w A52 there was a 4500 mAh cell), so we will easily recharge it every 2 days (when we use it occasionally, and we are not sitting all the time on social networks and YouTube).

Our final opinion on the Samsung Galaxy A53

Galaxy A53 5G is the evolution of the model A52S 5G since last year. The headphone jack and Snapdragon processor were ditched there, and in return we got a bigger battery and an Exynos. Its price has also been increased. The price increase is understandable as inflation around the world is rampant, as are currency exchange rates and ongoing electronics supply issues. Samsung A53 5G is a refined modern medium (although it looks like a flagship), which does not stand out for anything special, but which does not lack anything important either. You can recommend its purchase to opponents of Chinese smartphones, but when products from China do not bother us, then you can find a more sophisticated smartphone at this price. It’s also worth considering a little extra for a phone that’s still very capable Galaxy S20 FEwhich undoubtedly belongs to the upper class of equipment.

We like: the screen

We don’t like: the slow charge and the price

Who is the Samsung Galaxy A53 for:

  • Samsung Fans
  • People for whom screen quality is very important

Which is not the Samsung Galaxy A53:

  • Economic
  • People who want high performance
  • People looking for a smartphone that charges quickly

Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy A53:

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