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During the fair, Samsung will present innovative products that, thanks to the combination of technology, functionality and modern design, fit perfectly into the interior and meet the needs of the most demanding users. These include The Frame and Neo QLED TVs, The Freestyle projector, Bespoke Jet™ vacuum cleaner and AirDresser wardrobe refresh.

High-end design and thoughtful functionality have been the showcase of Samsung products for years, which is why the Home Decor interior fair in Poznań, which will be held from May 16 to 19, is an opportunity to present the latest solutions in the RTV and home appliance category. In the bloggers’ area, for the first time in Poland, you can see this year’s televisions and the innovative portable projector The Freestyle. The space will also feature the revolutionary AirDresser wardrobe, cooling clothes and a new product in the brand’s portfolio, the Bespoke Jet™ multifunctional vacuum cleaner.

Different faces of home entertainment

The first of the novelties that you will be able to see is the television Neo QLED QN91B. This model will catch the eyes of those who appreciate high image quality and innovative design. Quantum Mini LED technology is responsible for expressive details, clearly visible in both dark and bright scenes. Artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies play an important role in “improving” the quality of movies. Thanks to them, digital images in Full HD or SD resolution are displayed in a quality as close as possible to 4K. The modern Neo Slim design will take care of a new level of visual impressions, not only during movie marathons. Thanks to this, the TV looks great from any angle and fits perfectly into any interior.

As for the art, be aware that you will also be able to see a TV in the bloggers area. The framework in the release for 2022. The frame and its image design go beyond typical TV frames, literally. Thanks to the Art mode, you can admire paintings and graphics from the collection of the best galleries and museums in the world. In the art shop[1], that is, an art store that has been created especially for this TV, one can find works of contemporary art or works of masters of photography. In total, there are over 1,500 works to choose from, including paintings by Cézanne, Rubens, Monet, Bosch, Klimt, Van Gogh and David Alan Harvey. The Frame is also a great place to showcase your own photos on the big screen. It can be customized freely with interchangeable frames in multiple colors and styles, and you can also choose the size and color of the mat. The TV is mounted on the wall on a special hanger, which is included in the set. It can also be placed on a chest of drawers or a Studio Stand, which looks like an easel. The black screen of the TV turned off is a thing of the past, and we have gained another space that we can freely arrange.

This year, The Frame got a new matte screen coating, which blocks artificial and natural light from reflecting off the screen. The Frame 2022 also perfectly reflects the details and texture of the images or graphics presented. They are so real that when seeing The Frame for the first time, it is difficult to tell that we are looking at a television set and not a work of art. And when we crave entertainment, The Frame will return to its original role – that of a television. Image quality, detail and color reproduction are due to Quantum Dot technology with 100% color intensity[2].

On the other hand free style is a product that represents a new category. It combines the advantages of mobile devices, that is, low weight and dimensions, with a swivel housing and the ability to get an image up to 100 inches. Thanks to it, your favorite films can be displayed on virtually any surface and from any angle – on the wall or on the ceiling[3]. The visual experience is complemented by 360° sound thanks to the 5 watt woofer. The Freestyle requires no special installation and is always ready to use. One of its distinguishing features is automatic image adjustment. It is a set of functions that automatically adjust the displayed image on the surface: automatic leveling, automatic sharpening and automatic keystone correction. Thanks to this, the operation of this device is a breeze.

Household chores in a new dimension

Samsung AirDresser brings a whole new quality to the home in the care of clothes. It helps to quickly, easily and safely refresh various clothes, including very delicate clothes, eliminates unpleasant odors and wrinkles, and also has a sanitizing function. Clothes go through four processes: airflow removes pollen and dust, JetSteam technology smooths out wrinkles and effectively removes viruses, bacteria, allergens and other germs[4]and a UV lamp in combination with a ceramic filter effectively removes unpleasant odors[5]. Finally, low temperature drying takes place to help restore the fibers to their natural structure. The whole thing is completed by an intuitive operation, also possible from the SmartThings app[6]which advises the correct maintenance procedures according to the material and type of clothing selected, as well as a unique design with a mirrored front, thanks to which the device will fit into any space.

It is also the design that makes the April novelty in the Samsung portfolio, that is to say the cordless vacuum cleaner Custom Jet™, it attracts attention as an effective element of interior decoration. The sculptural structure, but very light and manageable, hides a multifunctional system for comfortable and efficient cleaning, even when wet. Air Pulse™ technology means the dust bin is automatically emptied into the bag of the All-in-one™ cleaning station, and the multi-layer filtration system filters dust particles and allergens with an efficiency of up to 99,999 %[7] prevents particles from escaping into the environment. Plus, the built-in cleaning station will recharge the vacuum after each use. The aforementioned design will delight all lovers of good style. The vacuum is available in 3 unique colors – Satin Navy Blue, Pearl White and Bottle Green – so everyone can find the perfect shade for themselves.

Exhibitors at the HOME DECOR 2022 Business Interior Fair, where the Bloggers Zone is organized, will present the latest collections of decorations, fabrics, lighting and other interior items. At the same time, the largest furniture contracts in Central and Eastern Europe MEBLE POLSKA 2022 will take place at the Poznań International Fair, in the presence of more than 230 companies from more than a dozen countries.

1 Access to the full range of images is an additional paid option.
2 100% color intensity, measured according to DCI-P3 standard, VDE certified.
3 Swivel base allows you to view the image freely along the horizontal axis and within 180 degrees on the vertical axis
4 Eliminates: 1) 99.9% of the three types of viruses (adenovirus, influenza virus and herpes virus) tested by the Korean University School of Pharmacology laboratory; 2) Sanitation program up to 99.9% of two types of bacteria (E.coli and S.aureus); 3) Sanitation program up to 99% of odor-causing gases (isovaleric acid: sweat; 4-ethylpyridine: tobacco, valeraldehyde: food, p. harmful substances (Perchlorethylene) – based on research of ‘Intertek; Normal Program 5) Up to 99% dust mites, based on Intertek testing and BAF certification testing, Sanitize program.
5 Verified by Intertek. Eliminates up to 99% of iso-valeric acid: sweat, 4-ethenylpyridine: tobacco, valeraldehyde: smell of roasted meat and tetrachlorethylene: chemical cleaning. Iso-valeric acid and 4-ethenylpyridine test according to KS K0891 standard. Results may vary based on actual usage conditions.
6 Available on devices with Android operating system from version 7.0 and iOS from version 10.0. Wi-Fi connection and active Samsung account required.
7 SLG tests per IEC 62885-2, CL.5.11, in maximum mode for particle sizes from 0.5 to 4.2 µm. Results may vary based on usage.

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