Sejm on the legal protection of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Not all for…

During yesterday’s session of the Sejm, the deputies talked a lot about pharmacists. The reason for this was, of course, the report of the Hygiene Commission on the work on amending the law on the profession of pharmacist and the pharmaceutical law. This project aims to provide pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians with legal protection in the same way as public officials (read more: Legal protection not only for pharmacists, but also for pharmaceutical technicians).

Support in all divisions

The vast majority of clubs and circles of deputies expressed their support for the proposed solution. Some of them expressed their thanks to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for their work during the pandemic.

– For obvious reasons, the POZs have been closed in one way or another, their activities have been limited, so the development of this pandemic, so that infections do not reach doctors and nurses in first, only POZ employees, and that the system can work. But publicly accessible pharmacies remained wide open and dispensed medication. I am mainly talking about the very beginning of the pandemic, when this enemy of COVID-19 was undiagnosed and unknown. It was then that pharmacists, masters and pharmaceutical technicians, with real courage, often saved the health and lives of the Poles, continued their treatment, consulted their problems and simply begged them. For that, I want to thank you very much. Once again, dear ladies, dear masters of pharmacy and pharmaceutical technicians, thank you for what you have done – said PiS MP Paweł Rychlik, himself a pharmacist.

On behalf of his parliamentary club, he also expressed support for the bill, giving pharmacists and technicians additional legal protection.

The project was also backed by Civic Coalition MP Rajmund Miller.

– My previous speakers have talked about situations that have occurred more and more often in pharmacies in connection with the pandemic. Perhaps not very often, but there have been acts of violence, attacks on pharmacists who demanded compliance with the regulations put in place during this period. Our club will support this law because we believe it is necessary Miller pointed out.

End of injustice

Of course, the bill was also supported by the left, whose deputy – Krzysztof Śmiszek – was the author of the amendment.

– The project is necessary because the last months have shown that this huge involvement of pharmacists in the vaccination campaign is sometimes misunderstood. Polish pharmacists joined the vaccination campaign in large numbers. To date, Polish pharmacists have vaccinated more than 2 million people against the coronavirus. Thousands of people have already been vaccinated against the flu in pharmacies. This means that our pharmacists, our pharmacists have really done their best and have been very involved, like other medical professions, in preventing the pandemic and limiting the effects of this pandemic – said Śmiszek.

In his speech, he thanked all pharmacists, the Supreme Chamber of Pharmacists and the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Lower Silesia, mentioning its president – Marcin Repelewicz – who was present in the Sejm that day (read also: Pharmacists need legal protection. Its absence is an oversight…).

– This project actually puts an end to an injustice, I would even use the words “discrimination” or “unequal treatment”, because if we look at the other laws regulating the medical professions, then doctors, and located, and nurses, and dentists, and paramedics, and even people who give first aid, while giving that care, are protected on the same basis as public officials. Until today, pharmacists, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have had no such protection, and they deserve such protection – indicated the deputy on the left.

Thanks to hospital pharmacists

Support for the project was also given by the representative of the Polish Coalition – Radosław Lubczyk.

– The experience acquired must lead to reflection on the way in which we can ensure the protection of employees in professions exposed to potential danger, and at the same time ensure protection within a systematic and national framework involved in the fight against the epidemic. . Finally, on the one hand, the possibility of vaccinating against COVID-19 was expanded, but at the same time the people performing these tasks were not sufficiently protected. If pharmacists and pharmacists were treated as public officials in the performance of their duties, they would certainly perform their duties without undue stress. Here too, thanks to all the pharmacists – said the deputy.

Special thanks were given to the hospital pharmacists who, during the pandemic, “did everything to ensure that the drugs were delivered on time, returned and it really happened”.

Opposition to Confederation

As expected, the deputies of the Confederation were against the bill. Dobromir Sośnierz, representative of this grouping, declared that the amendment was an example of “mediocracy” consisting in drafting bills at the rate of mediatized articles in the newspapers (read more: General prosecutor against the legal protection of pharmacists ).

– After all, it only took a few cases of aggression against pharmacists for the hysterical left to recognize that we still have too few regulations in Poland, and for the hysterical government to support it – Sośnierz said.

According to him, it was absurd to grant the protection of a public official to doctors. He said that since pharmacists are now also rewarded, the next could be cashiers working in supermarkets, taxi drivers, ticket checkers and strippers.

– It was you with these stupid regulations that created a conflict situation by ordering certain citizens to make others wear funny masks in shops or in pharmacies. It’s your fault. It was you who wanted to impose vaccination, provoking a situation of conflict. It was you who put people against each other, you threw yourself on each other The deputy thundered.

The vote on the bill and the proposed amendments to it will likely take place tonight.


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