The new Deutz-Fahr 5D TTV, the “cool” compact

Deutz-Fahr introduces a new series to its range of compact tractors – the 5D TTV. These are DF’s smallest compact tractors equipped with continuously variable transmissions. However, the new models also introduce other interesting solutions.

The new 5D TTV Stage V series – although they are compact machines – brings advanced technological solutions, incl. load sensing hydraulic systems, independent front axle suspension or a full suite of precision farming solutions including fully integrated automatic steering systems and special applications.

FARMotion engine

Deutz-Fahr 5D TTV tractors are powered by engines of their own production – FARMotion 45 with Stage V exhaust emission standard. As the manufacturer assures, the units are now even more powerful and more economical than their previous generation. The four-cylinder engines are characterized by innovative technical solutions, such as, for example, an electronically controlled fan with a viscous clutch or PowerCore air filters. The exhaust after-treatment system is compact in size, allowing a tapered, sloped hood to increase visibility.

Each version of the FARMotion 45 engine generates even more torque and power than ever before across a wide engine speed range. The top model 5115 D TTV delivers an impressive 126 hp with the boost function activated.

TTV continuously variable transmission

The 5D TTV models are the smallest DF-s CVT tractors. A few years ago, the manufacturer offered such tractors in Poland for a short time (with the Stage IIIb standard). This is now a Stage V upgrade.

The TTV transmission smoothly transfers drive to the wheels in all conditions. The system works with high efficiency, ensuring at the same time the highest reliability. The 5D TTV models are capable of going 40 km/h at an engine speed of just 1730 rpm.

The interesting additions are undoubtedly: the “Power Zero” active parking brake function and the HPB hydraulic parking brake.

Cabin comfort

The MaxCom armrest is immediately visible in the cab, providing comfortable control of all major tractor drive functions. The standard PTO shaft has a replaceable shaft end and the AutoWOM function, which automatically switches the drive on/off depending on the position of the lift arms.

Three rear PTO speeds are available as standard – 540-540ECO-1000 rpm. Rear synchronized PTO and 1000 rpm front PTO are available as options.

As the manufacturer claims, the new 5D TTV Stage V series sets standards in this class of machine thanks to features such as independent front axle wheel suspension. It is an active hydropneumatic system that provides unparalleled comfort and stability while driving. In combination with the Anti-pe function, which prevents the front of the tractor from “diving” when braking. In addition, it is worth mentioning the Anti-roll function, which automatically adjusts the stiffness of the system’s cylinders when cornering to maximize stability and traction.

The modern four-pillar cabin offers unrivaled ergonomics and comfort, thanks to standard equipment such as a fully adjustable steering column, an adjustable dashboard at the same time as the steering wheel, a comfortable seat with numerous adjustments and pneumatic slotting, and a special Hydro Silent-Block hydraulic cabin suspension. The InfoCentre Pro, with a 5-inch screen, clearly displays all the information needed to operate the machine and allows the operator to easily configure many functions. Full feature support can be simplified with the optional 8” iMonitor screen.

The cab is also available with a Category 4 filtration system for safe operation during crop protection applications, and the unique sunroof with a hinged rear panel for even better rear visibility.

Hydraulics – a large selection

The 5D TTV series is equipped with efficient and modular hydraulic systems, with a pump capacity of 84 l/min as standard. An optional Load-Sensing pump is available with a capacity of up to 100 l/min, which delivers optimum performance from an engine speed of 1,850 rpm.

5 pairs of hydraulic couplers and slow oil return can be fitted at the rear. As for the jack, it comes in two versions: standard with a lifting capacity of 4310 kg and compact (narrower) with a lifting capacity of 3660 kg. The optional front linkage can lift up to 2,100 kg.

Precision farming

The new 5D TTV series is available with a variety of precision farming solutions. This can include features such as a fully integrated auto-steering system, ISOBUS interface, data management and fleet management applications.

Deutz-Fahr 5D TTV tractors are now available for sale.


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