This is how the great force of good works. Gliwicka Przystań 35 is open!

At ul. Warszawska 35a, a place has been created at a rapid pace, where at first refugees from Ukraine will find a safe haven, but in the end the inhabitants of Gliwice need help. In less than a month, with the huge support of the business community and volunteers, we managed to create Gliwicka Przystań 35 – a place where a better future will begin for many people.

At ul. Warszawska 35a was once the headquarters of the Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic, which now operates in the building at ul. Gierymsky. The municipal installation facing the war in Ukraine could therefore be affected to the needs of the refugees coming to our city. The plans however include long-term activities – in the district of Szobiszowice a place has been created which will become a permanent part of the support map of Gliwice. With the help of specialists and therapists, they can begin to build their independence, e.g. Single mothers. It’s about giving you a fresh start in your independent life. Gliwice Przystań 35 was completed at a dizzying pace, less than a month after the start of work, which would not have been possible if hundreds of people had not joined this initiative with the help and commitment total. The opening ceremony took place on May 10.

Gliwicka Przystań 35 is a place where refugees from Ukraine will find help, and in the long term, which is very important, residents of Gliwice who are in a difficult life situation. The host of the facility is the Gliwice Social Welfare Center. I am very grateful and thank you once again for joining this project to the companies IKEA Katowice, Johnson Matthey, AIUT, as well as many other entities that have participated in this very important action, and thanks to which all the work has been performed at such an express pace. The willingness to help expressed by so many was truly uplifting. I am happy that Gliwicka Przystań 35 in Warszawska Street looks like a real HOME – a lot of work and HEART has been put into the layout of this facility. It shows in every room. Gliwicka Przystań 35 offers more than 30 renovated and furnished rooms, as well as a kitchen, dining room, play and study rooms for children. More than 100 people will find refuge there. I hope that the good energy brought to Gliwicka Przystań 35 by exceptional volunteers (and there were almost 200 of them here!) will lift the spirits of the future inhabitants of this place. I sincerely thank everyone who has supported this project in any way. And congratulations – the effect of this cooperation is really impressive – said Adam NeumannMayor of Gliwice.

Gliwicka Przystań 35 consists of three floors with not only bedrooms, but also common areas: a kitchen, a dining room, playrooms and study rooms for children. The ground floor has been adapted to the needs of disabled people. IKEA Katowice is responsible for the design, interior design and complete furnishing of the entire facility. The designers have created here a really cozy atmosphere, thanks to which the future inhabitants of Gliwicka Przystań 35 will be able to “recharge their batteries” here. The designers opted for neutral colors, such as green – the color of hope and yellow, which refers to the future of the inhabitants of this place. There is also a calm blue in the interiors.

Many entities have joined the project, including uniformed services, municipal companies and private companies. Work began with the installation of new facilities – electrical, sanitary, ventilation, building toilets, dining rooms and laundry rooms. This step was carried out jointly by the Municipal Building Council of the II Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego and the Pog-Tech company. Thanks to our partners, the rooms were painted with high quality paints from the Mapei company, using the spray method. The painting was supported by Radan employees and volunteers from Johnson Matthey and AIUT. We also received material support from our partners. There were days when up to 50 people helped out in Gliwicka Przystań 35 and that’s really impressive – said Aleksandra WysockaDeputy Mayor of Gliwice, responsible, among other things, for property management.

Current and future social objectives are very important for the city and the project partners.

Ultimately, Gliwicka Przystań 35 is for people in Gliwice who, for various reasons, are at a turning point in their lives and are looking for support to get right. Thanks to this place, they will be able to make changes, become independent of social assistance and become self-sufficient – said Brygida Jankowskadirector of the Gliwice Social Welfare Centre.

A total of 11 tons of furniture and accessories arrived at Gliwicka Przystania 35 from IKEA warehouses, which created a home in this place.

IKEA in Poland, both nationally and locally, has been actively involved in helping people who have suffered because of the war in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. A sense of community and concern for people are our key values. The initiative of the City of Gliwice, consisting in creating a house for people in a difficult situation as refugees, which will also serve the inhabitants of the city, is part of these assumptions. Therefore, the decision to join this initiative was natural for us. Gliwicka Przystań 35 is a unique and in many respects record-breaking social project implemented by IKEA in our country. Thanks to the incredible commitment of all the partners and the work of hundreds of hands of volunteers, in less than two weeks we have been able to develop nearly 40 living and common spaces, in which the first families will move in the next few days. Today, we are very proud that so many people, like us, have put their hearts into this project. For us, this means more than just donating furniture. The key was to design the space of the entire building to meet the specific needs of future tenants, including younger ones. Together, we have created a safe home for them, which fills us with joy and motivates us to continue our social activities. – said Magdalena Krokowska-Wicherekdirector of the IKEA Katowice region.

Volunteers from Johnson Matthey and AIUT participated in preparing the parts for painting and assembling the furniture. Both companies have been involved in the Gliwice project from the start, offering support and assistance.

Everything we do at Johnson Matthey is designed to positively impact people’s lives. Thanks to our continuous commitment to research and development, in the third century of our activity, we are facing the greatest challenges in the world. We look for these challenges globally in terms of the latest technologies, but also at the level of our local communities, examining their needs and actively fighting against social exclusion. This is also how we approached this project. Today, our local community in Gliwice caters to the needs of war refugees from Ukraine, so joining the city’s initiative was a natural reflex for us. In addition to helping furnish the premises, a group of more than 120 Johnson Matthey volunteers along with other business partners helped renovate the building, which is now a temporary home for refugees, but is intended to become a home for people at risk of social exclusion. This great idea of ​​help inspired us to partner with the City and became a unique driving force for the implementation of the entire project. We are very proud of the results and extremely motivated to continue cooperation with the City on other initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility. – said Waldemar Gołębiewskiplant manager of Johnson Matthey Poland.

From the start of the war in Ukraine, we pledged to help our neighbors to the east. We operate both individually and as a team, and we did not hesitate to get actively involved in such a unique project of the local government of Gliwice. The initiative to create a support house serving refugees, but also the inhabitants of our city, is particularly close to our hearts. We were involved in the project from the start. Our goal was to integrate the company for the common social good, which was a success. Thanks to the cooperation of companies, including IKEA in Katowice and, what should be emphasized, the enormous commitment of volunteers, employees of our companies and other companies in the region, today we feel a great satisfaction, seeing how together we managed to create such a good and necessary place in Gliwice – said Ewa Kubisiewicz BobaMarketing Director at AIUT.

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