AI – the most important assistant in medicine – Computerworld

computer world Digital transformation is a process that only concerns technology companies or the companies associated with them – this phrase could be spoken by few people today, and certainly not by those who closely monitor global trends. We can clearly see that technology is changing many industries, the changes taking place in medicine are … Read more

Ecological credibility of medium-sized companies – Puls Biznesu

Consumers are bothered by the carbon footprint, so companies want to minimize it. From 6 to 10 thousand Post-lease laptops are sold monthly by AT-Outlet of Silesia. Its offering also includes used desktops, tablets, printers and other business-class equipment. Refreshed devices often have better parameters than new ones, and account for 60-70% of them. cheaper. … Read more

VAT e-commerce – a revolution in e-commerce

VAT on e-commerce. Surely each of us orders something on the Internet. From the consumer’s point of view, it is not difficult – we add the product to the basket, pay for it, and after a while the courier delivers the order to the specified place. However, the case is quite different from the perspective … Read more

How to Fight Troll Farms – Puls Biznesu

“PB”: How is the reach of fake news built? Same as real news? Radek Tadjewski: Let’s start with what fake news is, because there’s a lot of misunderstanding here. I’m going to read a passage: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The land was chaotic and empty. Darkness covered the face … Read more

Will robots and artificial intelligence replace lawyers?

The conversation about artificial intelligence at LegalTech is inextricably linked to the fear of replacing lawyers in their daily work. Different and reassuring theses are welcomed with interest and considered as original. This is a reflection after our intervention at the Robot Lawyers & Virtual Law Firms webinar held in June, organized by the Autonomous … Read more

Chemin de fer – a growing threat from cybercriminals

Chemin de fer – a growing threat from cybercriminals Critical infrastructure, of which railways are an important part, is attracting increased interest from cybercriminals. Although the motivations for their actions are linked to financial aspects, faced with the tense international situation, political attacks cannot be ruled out. According to Stormshield experts, the main threats to … Read more

E-commerce companies ahead of annual harvest

The fourth quarter of the calendar year due to many holidays: the traditional ones and those created by marketers, is usually a harvest time for e-commerce businesses. Damian Zapłat, the new president of eObuwia, does not hide that the platform has been preparing for the so-called Black Friday, the last Friday in November, for several … Read more

AliExpress could open an e-commerce platform for Polish retailers

“Since the July changes, we have made significant investments in our platform to ensure that AliExpress remains the most competitive player in the Polish market in terms of value for money. Secondly, we have continued our investments in logistics by opening our first major CEE logistics center near Łódź, offering guaranteed 3-day delivery across Poland … Read more

The body language specialist deciphered Meghan Markle. What he said gives you chills

The body language specialist analyzed a short video from Meghan and Harry’s wedding. The insights he shared may send shivers down your spine. He noticed gestures in Markle that can only be seen in Hannibal Lecter. Jesus Enrique Rosas is a body language specialist known online as “The Body Language Guy”. The man from social … Read more