We are getting closer to the appearance of fully autonomous cars on the roads. Artificial intelligence already prevents road accidents – All the news

– The autonomous driving system technology itself will likely be ready within the next couple of years – predicts Dr. Maciej Kawecki, digital EU ambassador and president of the Lem Institute. However, it will take much longer to allow for legislative autonomy. Today, however, artificial intelligence, the development of which is a prerequisite for the … Read more

Technologies for green building. Necessary changes are coming

Emissions from the construction sector include those from the production of building materials, construction, building operations, demolition and sales. Therefore, in order to be able to decarbonize Polish constructionyou need to make changes at each of these levels. As stated in the report “Roadmap to decarbonize construction by 2050” to achieve climate neutral, it is … Read more

It all started with a virtual project of 15,267 digital files – Francuska.pl – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

The most advanced computer programs were used to create the Peugeot hypercar. A revolutionary concept developed and improved thanks to the possibilities of digital technology. The most important performance of the vehicle was simulated long before it was put on the track. Saving time and optimal use of resources. Before going to the track for … Read more

These titles will only be on HBO Max until the end of May. Hurry up with your viewing! – Wprost Entertainment

“Shreek”An unusual duo made up of a rude ogre and a talkative donkey go to the rescue of the princess guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. “Whisky Tango Foxtrot”The journalist wants to change her life and career, so she goes with the army to the Middle East war zone, where she rediscovers her talent as a … Read more

artificial intelligence learned aggression

Instead, they multiply the questions about the future of artificial intelligence. Should we be afraid? No, let’s leave the stories of aggressive Skynets where they belong – among fairy tales. However, the results of their research, while logical, are thought-provoking. The whole study is based on the classics of game theory – the prisoner’s dilemma. … Read more

LPP and PSI Polska are testing the digital warehouse project. It was co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development

photo Material of the partner PSI Polska engineers are working on a technology using artificial intelligence that could revolutionize logistics. The project called Warehouse Intelligence received $3 million in funding from NCBIR and one of its stages was piloted in LPP. The first effects of the work are impressive. There are nearly 24 million m² … Read more

Python is also extremely popular in Poland

Guido van Rossum, Dutch programmer and creator of the python language, was looking in December 1989 for an amateur programming project that he could “take care of before Christmas”. He then wrote an interpreter for a new scripting language that would appeal to Unix and C hackers. He chose Python as his working title because … Read more

Artificial intelligence and modern solutions

On the one hand, modern technologies move the world forward, make our lives easier and are able to revolutionize the subject overnight, which – as we thought – had nothing left to offer. On the other hand, they present their creators, users, and…legislation with a whole new set of challenges. A few days ago, Volvo … Read more