Ghost moderation in Lost Ark irritates players

Message Games May 19, 2022, 1:10 p.m. author: Miriam “mokosh” Moszczyńska Amazon Games customer support is far from perfect. A player, wanting to appeal an unfair decision, fell into an endless spiral of contact with support. The games published by the Amazon Games studio are a big mystery. It’s not even that New world he … Read more

The “great battle” for Donbass is a myth. Military expert notes Russia’s ‘unforgivable mistakes’

The war in Ukraine has repeatedly surprised those who have observed it. First, the Ukrainians’ effective defense and the ineffective Russian offensive brought down the thesis of the quick capture of Ukraine. Then it turned out that the next stage – the mythical “big battle” in the Donbass neither did it go according to Russia’s … Read more

Saints Row – impressions of the latest show for the media. Reboot the Saints with some truly absurd solutions

A few months ago, Volition announced the postponement of the debut of Saints Row – a reboot of the popular game series with the Saints gang in the lead role. The extra months were to be used to better polish the title, which has struggled since the very first announcement with unfavorable feedback from fans … Read more