Not only data scientist or web developer, the profession of the future is also… that of helping the elderly

The crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic has had a heavy impact on many industries. Some sectors of the economy are still registering losses, and since April we have been dealing with an increase in unemployment in Poland. What is the situation in the senior care market? Has the crisis also affected you? Dariusz Siedlecki: … Read more

Core Web Vitals are coming. What elements on the page can negatively affect performance?

photo of Marc Sendra Martorell | Unsplash Google – despite content being most important to them – continues to raise the bar for publishers when it comes to UX as well. To determine the position of the page, it takes into account a number of indicators related to both the speed and the usability of … Read more

Agriculture and Fisheries Sustainable Rural Development Strategy 2030 – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

On October 15, 2019, the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on the adoption of “Strategy for the sustainable development of rural areas, agriculture and fisheries 2030“, Submitted by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (SZRWRiR 2030). It is the basic strategic document of the agricultural policy and rural development of the State presenting … Read more

Innovation Centers – Ministry of Development and Technology

What are Innovation Centers? Entities involved in the transfer of technology and the provision of pro-innovative services as well as cooperation with companies. The supposed effect of their activity is the development of innovation in terms of products and processes. Within innovation hubs, we can distinguish support institutions that are defined by their mode and … Read more

Psychological and pedagogical support program for students and teachers in times of pandemic – Ministry of Education and Science

What is our goal? We invited scientists from Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University to cooperate with representatives of Lublin University of Economics and Innovation to carry out professional diagnosis in schools. Experts will identify issues that arise among students – with a particular focus on children and adolescents with special educational needs. Then they will develop … Read more

I was forced to steal photos. I was helped by the web app APPS CYBORG which offers 60 other useful applications for 5 euros per year

Title in click bytes? No, I really had to steal the photos for the article. Thanks to APPS CYBORG, I downloaded photos from the website quickly and easily. All this for less than 5 euros per year. I don’t know if you know this, but every major producer or company has its own press service. … Read more